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World’s Happiest Man…Confirmed by Science


Meditation Key To Matthieu Ricard’s Happiness Success


How You Can Get the Same Results…in Only Minutes a Day


First, let’s check out The Daily Mail story:


“Is this the world's happiest man? Brain scans reveal French monk has 'abnormally large capacity' for joy – thanks to meditation.


    Brain scans reveal Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard has largest capacity for happiness ever recorded


    Meditation 'completely changes your brain and therefore changes what you are', says 66-year-old


    He says you can do it too by learning how to let your thoughts drift”

–Daily Mail Newspaper


Neuroscientist Richard Davidson reports that when Ricard meditated on compassion his level of gamma waves, those linked to consciousness, attention, learning and memory, hade never been “reported before in the neuroscience literature.”


Ricard believes meditation can alter the brain and improve people's happiness in the same way that lifting weights puts on muscle.


Here are some of his tips from his book The Art of Meditation published by Atlantic Books: (my bolding)


    A healthy mind should act like a mirror – faces can be reflected in a glass but none of them stick. Use the same technique with thoughts – let them pass through your mind but don't dwell.


     It's impossible to stop thoughts from coming but focusing on a particular sound or the breath going in and out calms the mind, giving greater clarity. Controlling the mind is not about reducing your freedom, it's about not being a slave to your thoughts. Think of it as directing your mind like a boat rather than drifting.


    Be mindful – pay attention to the sensations of your breath going in and out. If you notice your mind wandering simply bring it back to focusing on your breath. This is known as mindfulness. You can apply it to other sensations to bring you into the 'now' rather than dwelling on the past or future. You could focus instead  on heat, cold and sounds that you hear.


    Once you've achieved some skill in this you can use that to cultivate qualities such as kindness, or dealing with disturbing emotions. He says everyone has felt all-consuming love but usually it lasts for about 15 seconds, but you can hold on and nurture this vivid feeling by focusing on it in meditation. If you feel it becoming vague you can consciously revive it.


    Like when playing the piano, practising the feeling for 20minutes has a far greater impact over time than a few seconds.  Regular practise is also needed like watering a plant.


    You can then use meditation to gain some space from negative emotions. Ricard says: 'You can look at your experience like a fire that burns. If you are aware of anger you are not angry you are aware. Being aware of anxiety is not being anxious it is being aware.' By being aware of these emotions you are no longer adding fuel to their fire and they will burn down.


    You will see benefits in stress levels and general wellbeing as well as brain changes with regular practise in a month. Those who say they don't have enough time to meditate should look at the benefits: 'If it gives you the resources to deal with everything else during the other 23 hours and 30 minutes, it seems a worthy way of spending 20 minutes,' Ricard says.


If you are not ready to commit to 20 minutes a day of meditation, can you still get some of the same benefits?


Answer: A resounding YES! And in only minutes a day. That’s what The Zen of Joy was designed for. You can learn easy-to-do techniques in one weekend:


Rewire Your Brain for Happiness and Success


Laughter Yoga Leader Training and Zen of Joy Boot Camp


Dates: November 24th & 25th.


Location: Victoria, BC


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Who Else Wants to Live in Bliss?


If You Want To Create Joy, Energy, Happiness And Bliss Beyond Belief … Even If Nothing's Worked For You In The Past. . .


Give Me One Weekend And I’ll Show You the Easy Steps That Can Transform Your Life Into: Happiness 24/7


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This weekend is not just to get Certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader. If you have no interest in that, you will still receive all the benefits of The Zen of Joy techniques.


Email me for more information:


Here is the link to the Daily Mail story:


Enjoy the read,



In this issue:


* Top 20 ways to boost your immunity to colds and flu without using vaccines


* “All The Vaccines Are Contaminated…Every Last One of Them”


* How Your Posture Affects Your Life.


* Epidemic Of Fraudulent Research By Scientists And Doctors


* How to Become Rich by Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki.


* World’s Happiest Places: Denmark, Finland, Norway. 


* Iceland in the Mainstream Media




►FUN: Play is more than fun

►FINAL WORD: Check Your Password Strength






“Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.” -William Butler Yeats




Top 20 ways to boost your immunity to colds and flu without using vaccines


“All The Vaccines Are Contaminated…Every Last One of Them”


How Your Posture Affects Your Life. A great TED Talk


Epidemic Of Fraudulent Research By Scientists And Doctors

Good article to read before you go believing ANYTHING about "scientific" research you see in the media. Matti






How to Become Rich by Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki.





World’s Happiest Places: Denmark, Finland, Norway.



Iceland in the Mainstream Media…President of Iceland in an extraordinary and inspiring interview on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Sunday Morning program with Michael Enright. Kudos to Enright. The interview starts about 23 minutes in…you can move the marker to there.





The First Billion by Christopher Reich. I used to feel somewhat guilty in reading fiction. A nagging sense of time wasting crept in even though I enjoyed the book. Well, no more since reflecting on this wisdom. When a sick person goes to a shaman, he asks four questions: “When did you stop singing? When did you stop dancing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? And when did you stop enjoying silence?” Here is an engaging thriller.





Young Goethe in Love





Play is more than fun





Check Your Password Strength



That’s it for now. Enjoy your month.




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