The Secret to Absolute Certainty

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                                        The Secret to Absolute Certainty

Sculpt Your Mind and Emotions to do Whatever it Takes to Achieve Your Goals

When you set a goal for yourself, do you hear a little voice inside that says you can’t do it? Is there a niggling feeling that causes you to doubt whether you can do it?

Is there an internal switch that can turn off that voice and turn on the afterburners of your desire?

Motivational speaker and author Tony Robbins tells us it may take an adjustment of just one or two millimeters to go from failure to incredible, outstanding mind-blowing success.  Just one or two millimeters!

The problem? Most people won’t do it. As we know from many sources: “Successful people do what failures won’t.”

Here’s how to separate yourself from the crowd.

Here’s how to train yourself to believe in yourself, 100%, by using your body and your voice.

Tony is clear that this is not affirmations. He calls it an “incantation.” In other words, this is done out loud with as much emotion as you can muster and moving your body. Here it is:

“I now command my subconscious mind to direct me in helping as many people as possible today to better their lives by giving me the strength, the emotions, the persuasion to do whatever it takes to get these people to change their lives NOW!"

And this is not done just once. In order to overwrite the inner voice that is telling us we can’t do it, we need to do this as much as possible, whenever possible until we change our physiology and this is the new “inner voice.”

Remember: “Successful people do what failures won’t.”

Further, when Tony talks about being just one or two millimeters off, he is also referring to our physiology. This is where posture comes into play. Watch this video to see exactly what he is talking about:

As noted, “When two people meet, if there is rapport, the one who is most certain will always influence the other person!”

Therefore, don’t hope you will be in a good state, demand it of yourself!




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