The Myth of Retirement. Part One. Don’t Retire. There are Better Goals in Life.

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Retirement is a weird social experiment, a historical blip. Its collapse will be a triumph for common sense.

We are not meant to retire. There is nothing else in nature that retires. Plants and trees, animals and fish continue to grow…until they die.

Humans are the only ones, with their oversized brains, that have created this artificial state and goal of “taking it easy” when we get to a certain age.

We are not meant to “take it easy.” As we grow older, more knowledgeable and perhaps even wiser, we are meant to use the knowledge, the skill sets we have picked up and the wisdom to help others.

Instead, we as societies through our programming, have come to believe that older people are less useful. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The baby boomers, of which I am one, have been particularly aggressive in pursuing retirement and even early retirement. “Keeping up with the Jones’s” has come to mean the earlier you retire, the better off you are and the bigger bragging rights you have.

This goal and the attitudes around retirement are fraught with problems, with danger and these attitudes can even be deadly for a number of reasons.

First, with the economic challenges we are facing, the traditional retirement of the boomers’ parents may not even be possible. Pension plans, public and private, are in trouble and may indeed implode. In future tips, we will discuss the potential of high inflation and even possible hyperinflation and what it may mean for retirement plans. It is not a pretty picture.

In the nineties, I remember seeing a newspaper story of a Russian woman in the freezing streets of Moscow selling a wool sweater in order to buy food for her evening meal. The Russian currency had collapsed and her pension had been eaten up by inflation.

In future tips, you will see how the thought “It can’t happen here” is one of the more dangerous ones we could hold.

Regardless of what inflation we have in the future, the demographics work against a rosy retirement. There are just too many boomers to be supported by pensions which, by and large, are Ponzi schemes anyway.

The scheme has been working because of the number of boomers who have been contributing to a much smaller group of their parents who have retired. The generation following the boomers is far fewer in numbers and will not likely take to massive increases in their pension contributions to support, not themselves, but to their older generation, particularly as they too have been programmed to believe that old people are less than useful.

Further, as boomers downsize their homes as retirees tend to do, they may find they are not getting the dollars they were hoping for. By sheer weight of numbers, they will flood the market and the law of supply and demand has not been repealed, last time I checked. More supply than demand normally means lower prices. We have already seen what the punster call “a slowdown” in real estate sales and anecdotally I hear of people taking their houses off the market to wait for prices to recover. They may be waiting in vain.

So, market forces may be conspiring to make traditional retirement impossible for the boomers.

This may be the best thing that can happen. Why? Stay tuned.

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The Myth of Retirement. Part Two.

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