93-Year-Old Bodybuilder Beats Others Decades Younger. Mastery Newsletter December 2012

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 Dedicated to Health, Wealth and Fr~eedom


                        Merry HO HO to one and all.


The Best Reason to Write a Book? You learn SO much. The Zen of Joy is out at my publisher Fast Pencil. http://www.fastpencil.com/publications/4844-The-Zen-of-Joy


This has been a major focus since September of 2011 and now it is done. Whew. Love it. Now on to using the “protocols” from the book to conduct talks, seminars and workshops and whatever else pops up.


I saw a hole in the self development books marketplace. Because everyone is SO busy these days, few believe they have the time to work on developing skills like happiness. You know: “I believe in ________________, I just don’t have the time.” Fill in the blank with meditation, tai chi, qigong, yoga, EFT, exercise, running, etc.


This perceived lack of time means many folks just are not taking advantage of some wonderful tools that are available.


So….I put together 24 practices, or “protocols” as I call them, that anyone can do, that work together synergistically, provide tremendous benefits (the subtitle is How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness and Success. Minutes a Day to Boost Your Performance, Productivity and Profits.).


It’s that “Minutes a Day” bit that I think may well appeal to a specific group of folks, i.e. Boomers who are working hard to get their retirement in order in a challenging economic environment…and getting stressed out.


Here is the more detailed story on my webpage: http://zenofjoy.com/


By studying for the book, I learned the simple things it takes to be in joy and bliss most of the time. The more I studied, the more I wanted to share this joy. The book is the result.


In the meantime, I have been racing to the finish line with my 108 Tips for More Joy, Energy and Health. 100 tips are now written and remaining eight should be complete by year end. This is a free email course that is combined with a laughter video, so you can laugh along with me…every day if you choose. I have added a bonus to the front of the course: How to Add Ten Good Years to Your Life. In Four Easy Steps and in Just Minutes a Day, You Too Can Add Ten Good Years to Your Life.


Here is where it lives: http://joyenergyandhealth.com/add-ten-healthy-years-life/


Personal notes this year. I was able to get to Finland and the UK in May/June to visit family and a great time was had by all. Finnish country food, saunas, decent weather most of the time. The highlight in Finland was walks in the country and rowing on a lake with my cousin. In London, went to a few out of the way places, but I loved the free Maritime Museum and its ship simulator. Did OK with the small boats, but I crashed the big ferry onto the dock at Dover in a storm. 🙂


A very Merry Christmas and just an awesome New Year 2013 to you and yours.


Much Love and Lots of Laughter, Matti



Enjoy the read,



In this issue:


93-Year-Old Bodybuilder Beats Others Decades Younger


Supplement Recommendations on a Budget


Hospital Errors Kill Well Over 180,000 Americans Annually – Why are Super-Safe Supplements and Natural Health Under Attack?


Dollar-Less Iranians Discover Virtual Currency


Central Banks’ Gold Likely Gone-Eric Sprott




â–ºFUN: Generator Powered by Pee

â–ºFINAL WORD: 5 Flu Fixes: Sex, Gentle Blowing, Massages and More







“The one serious conviction that a man should have is that nothing is to be taken too seriously.”

-Samuel Butler




93-Year-Old Bodybuilder Beats Others Decades Younger


This is the kind of person who really inspires me. Look what he was able to do at age 87. What's your excuse?

My friend Fast Eddie tells me he recently started. My hat is off you Eddie.




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Supplement Recommendations on a Budget

By Dr. Mercola

First of all, it is vital to understand that the most important strategy you can implement for your physical health is to eat the right foods and commit to an exercise program. Supplements are only complementary to a phenomenal diet, and should never be used in place of nutritious foods.

69 percent of American adults take supplements. There's a plethora to choose from out there, from vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to herbs and various combinations thereof. But which ones might you really need?

Unless you're addressing a specific condition, and if you're on a tight budget the most important and valuable supplements to consider are:

    Vitamin D

    Probiotics / Fermented Veggies / Vitamin K2









Hospital Errors Kill Well Over 180,000 Americans Annually – Why are Super-Safe Supplements and Natural Health Under Attack?







Dollar-Less Iranians Discover Virtual Currency





Central Banks’ Gold Likely Gone-Eric Sprott








Generator Powered by Pee







Sacre’ BleuChristopher Moore (My favourite author)







The Impressionists. BBC Docudrama. True story based on letters and interviews of the time. Great companion to the above book. Same incidents are recounted in both.

One of the best things the BBC has ever done.







5 Flu Fixes: Sex, Gentle Blowing, Massages and More







What’s the best measurement for success? Happiness By Richard Branson





That’s it for now. Enjoy your month.





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