Are You Putting “50 Octane Fuel” Into Your Biological “Engine?”

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                                   How a Warrior Deals with the Flu

I have friends who think I’m crazy. You see, I am a “health nut.” At least, that’s the way many of my friends see me.

F.J. says he can see that I have a passion for it. When I start talking about I get on a roll and can’t seem to stop. Maybe, F.J. says, you will have the last laugh and outlive us all.

When I showed off my cupboard with three shelves full of vitamins and supplements, I was quick to add that those may not be the secret to health and longevity at all. There are lots of examples nowadays of elders who are living vibrant lives in their 90s and even past 100 who don’t take supplements and seem to do just fine.


                              So, What is Their Secret to a Long and Health Life?

But before we get into that, let’s address the reasons why you may want to consider becoming a student of health.

First, there is this: if you do what everyone else is doing, you will likely get the same kinds of results. What is everyone else doing? Not studying health, for one thing.

And what are they getting? Let’s just look around and see.

Cancer, despite the billions thrown into research, has been and is increasing.

Heart disease, despite the billions thrown into research, is increasing.

Type 2 Diabetes is increasing. This used to be called “adult on set” diabetes because it differed from the Type 1 that a person is born with, usually only occurring in adults and not in children.

Despite the fortune thrown into research, Type 2 diabetes is increasing and has afflicted children as young as eight years old!

So…if you do as everyone else is doing, being in reactive mode to your health, maybe you can expect the same results as everyone else.

What do I mean by “reactive mode?” Well, it means waiting until there is a health condition and then going to the doctor (or naturopath, herbalist, physiotherapist, acupuncturist or other alternative therapist) and asking to get fixed.

We are certainly supported in this reactive mode. In recent decades, for example, we have seen an explosion of the number of TV ads for many different drugs. The drug companies are now targeting the consumer directly.

Ask yourself this: Would they be doing it if it was not working? TV ads are expensive as we hear every year about how many millions it costs for one single Super Bowl ad during the final game of the American Football season.

          Would Drug Companies Spend Millions on TV Ads if They Didn't Work?

So if drug companies are spending the millions, they must be getting a return on their investment. In other word, every time an ad for erectile dysfunction appears on TV, a certain number of men troop down to their doctor and ask for that drug or something like it.

TV is a great advertising medium because it tends to work. With the advent of MTV and their quick cuts, attention spans have shortened dramatically in the last decades. Now, with the internet and smart phones and Twitter, we see even more of a shrinkage of attention spans.

So, we are being trained more and more to go for the quick fix. Few are looking for the root cause of any condition. If I have itchy skin, just give me the pill or the salve to solve it.

The problem with attacking symptoms is that we may get relief from the condition for awhile, but if we root out the cause, it can reappear.

                                Are We Being Loaded Down with Toxins?

My friend, the Master Herbalist Dr. Terry Willard, puts it this way. Our bodies are designed to cleanse themselves of toxins. It’s a natural process that tends to occur at change of season time. And guess what coincides with change of season time? Colds and flus. Colds and flus are the symptoms of the body flushing out toxins. If we take medication to stop the process, that drives the toxins deeper into the cells and they come out again another time, only with more severe symptoms. And what do we do? We take stronger medication to drive the toxins back down into the cells, even deeper this time. According to Terry, eventually the symptoms can get so severe as to create cancer.

Instead of attacking the symptoms of the flu, a natural healing approach is to encourage the flushing out of the toxins. And in fact, natural healing approach would have us be proactive and do a cleanse prior to change of season time so that we don’t have to suffer from the effects of cold and flus as much.

This brings us to the other approach to health: being proactive.

Being proactive to me means the active study of health.


                                          Socrates said: "Know Thyself." 

This may be the greatest reason for undertaking a life-long study of health. Instead of being reactive and waiting for the dis-eases, minor and/or major, to show up in our lives, we can choose to be proactive and study how our bodies, minds, emotions and spiritual selves operate and fine tune those operations to minimize health problems.

Yes, yes, I know. I seem obsessed with it. And it is easy to throw up our hands in the air when we hear the conflicting news reports. Vitamin E is good for you. Whoops, latest research shows taking Vitamin is now bad for you. “Oh, what the heck. I give up. How’s a guy supposed to make any sense of it? I’m just going to live my life. Forget all this health stuff.”

Is there any possibility that the “powers-that-be” designed it all so you would do exactly that? (Oh dear, now he’s sounding like a Conspiracy Theorist.)


                                Are You Putting "50 Octane Fuel" in Your Body?

Let me ask you this? Would you put 50 octane gasoline in your car? “Are you crazy? Everyone knows that would ruin the engine in no time. Why would I do that?”

Well, 50 octane fuel might be half the price. “Yeah, but the savings are not worth it because it will cost me more to replace the engine than I save in gasoline.”

All right then, why would you put 50 octane or more closely 20 octane fuel into your body? Your car engine you can replace, but you only have one body. And while you can get your heart replaced, why do though that if you don’t have to.

My friends sometimes wonder why I bother with organic food. What’s the difference, really?

Here are the reasons.


“The warrior is never available. Never is he standing on the street waiting to be clobbered.” –Robert S. deRopp in The Warrior’s Way

Food is not what it was in our grandparents’ day. Meat and dairy are two food categories I only use in organic form. Both have had hormones and antibiotics added to their feed in recent decades. I don’t want those in my body, thankyouverymuch.

In the 1950s, there were a handful of food additives allowed in food. (“Food additive” is Newspeak for chemicals.) Now, I am told, there are 60,000 different food additives. Dr. Willard estimates that the average North American is taking in 10% of their bodyweight in food additives (read pure chemicals) in their diet annually. Our bodies are not designed to handle that overload of chemicals.

Might this be a reason why there is such an increase in diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, et al?


                                          The Modern "Minefield"

The modern world has become a minefield. We have numbers of toxins in our homes from air fresheners to flame retardants to shampoos to toothpaste and the list goes on.

Again, the average person hearing all this reacts by mentally throwing up their hands, giving up and saying: “It’s all too much. I am just going to live my life. You have to die of something. I might as well not become a worry-wart. Who’s got time to spend their lives being scared about every doggone little thing they say causes cancer? Get a life!”

The bad news is the average person is right! Worry and fear by themselves will make you life a misery. So worry and fear are no answer to the modern challenges we face.

But neither is sticking your head in the sand, I would contend.




                             You can be a "Warrior" or a "Victim." Your choice.

I contend that not studying health and following Socrates’ advice to “know thyself” is being a victim.

And studying how we humans operate and not stepping on all the landmines that now exist (that did not in our parents’ and grandparents’ time) is being a warrior.

The good news? I have done much of the study for you. My 108 Tips for More Joy, Energy and Health covers many of the mine fields that exist, how to sidestep those mines. It is not a lot of work as the 108 Tips are broken down into easy steps you can take weekly, each step adding something positive to your life or taking away something negative. The cumulative effect over the 108 steps can be dramatic. It can be huge and make a major difference to you quality of life and to your enjoyment and fulfillment in life.

Even if each step only improves your life by 1%, the cumulative effect can be, that at the end of the 108 weeks of this free course, you may have improved your life by over 100%! That’s a doubling in the quality of your life.

Listen, two years is going to go by anyway. Are you taking steps to double the quality of your life by then? Why not consider it. Here is how: Read how 108 Tip for More Joy, Energy and Health can improve many aspects of your life…all for free in this email course: 


Love and Laughter,



Matti Anttila

P.S. #1: Socrates said: “Know Thyself.” That instruction is not much different than  the car mechanic being told to know the engine they are working with and what kind of fuel and upkeep it needs. Yet many of us know how to take care of our cars better than we know how to take care of our bodies. The car is replaceable. Our bodies are not. Does it not make sense to learn at least as much about how our bodies operate as we know about the maintenance schedule on our cars. I’ll bet you have a rough idea when your next oil change should be. Do you know when your next “body cleanse” should be?

P.S. #2: A “Warrior” is proactive. While being proactive with your health is no guarantee of perfect health, it can give you an edge in sidestepping some of the worst afflictions the “Victim” is afflicted with. Fewer down days with the flu may just be the least of the benefits. When “Warriors” take responsibility for their own health, they may find fewer dis-eases of all kinds…possibly even helping to sidestep the major afflictions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

P.S. #3: The “Victim” relies on outside authorities be they doctors, naturopaths or other experts. “Warriors” take advice from outside authorities and also do their own research and work on being proactive. “108 Tips for more Joy, Energy and Health” is a great way to cut through the confusion caused by the modern day “information overload.” You can have this free email course here:



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