How to be More Effective and Efficient with Power Blocks

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Humans are designed more for spurts than the slogging long haul. Yet, life is a "long haul."

How to reconcile these two factors?


"Multi-tasking" does not work most of the time

Another factor to throw more confusion into the mix: "Multi-tasking" is more or less a misnomer. We can't do it very well. There are obvious exceptions: waiting on hold on the phone is a good one. Waiting is so passive that we might as well be doing something else with the time. But for the most part when we try we end up doing neither task well and often having to do one or both of them again. Time wasted.

Focus on one task at a time and group similar tasks together

Instead, what makes more sense given the way humans are wired is to focus on one task at a time and to group similar tasks together. The challenge is that keeping a laser like focus all through the day is impossible for most of us.


Power Blocks focus the energy

What is possible is for us to keep a sharp focus for a limited period. Here is a suggestion: Break your day up into blocks of 45-50 minutes of focus, followed by a short 10-15 minute break. 55 and 5 minutes can work as well. Experiment to see what works best for you. Some days it might be 50 minutes and some days 55 minutes.


If you get on a roll and feeling the energy moving you along on and you are enjoying the feeling of accomplishment, try jutting two Power Blocks together to make 90 minutes before taking a break. This is all very flexible.


High Energy = Getting more done

The goal is to keep your energy up. Having high energy usually means we are able to accomplish more than low energy. This is a way to energize yourself even on what can at first feel like a low energy day.


Keep track of your time

You may choose to note down your beginning and ending times for the Power Blocks. I am a great believer in accountability. Keeping track of start and stop times goes a long way to making this work. You are being accountable to yourself.


Hydrate, snack

The quick break does not have to be a "coffee" break. As we know coffee can be a quick "pick-me-up" and it can also be a "let-me-down" a short time after. You could choose to drink a glass or two of water at the breaks. This helps to keep the body hydrated. Snacks of nuts and/or fruit can be helpful as well.


My personal experience with this is that it has helped to get me focused and get more done in a shorter amount of time. Knowing that there is a break coming up allows me to keep my "nose to the grindstone" as it were until the break.


Rewards work

The break is kind of a reward and you know what? We humans love rewards. A little reward every hour or so goes a long way. It creates a little burst of positive feeling. There are actually lots of studies now showing that when we are happier, we can accomplish more. Why they needed studies to show that just shows how far off the track we have gone. We all have had times when we were energized, on a roll, getting things done and felt great. The Power Block concept is a way to get on a roll…every day.








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