Be More Effective and Efficient: Get Organized

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“I would like to simplify my life.” 62% of those surveyed in a 1992 study by the Merck Family Fund agreed with that statement. Yet, most people don’t make any effort at all to simplify their lives.



And that is even when “not having enough time” is the number one problem in their lives. They continue their disorganized ways and refuse to change, which means the condition of not having enough time will not change either.



“Disorganized people are inefficient, because they have to expend extra time and effort—calling the bank to get a duplicate copy of a statement already received and now lost, running to the crowded mall at the last minute to buy a forgotten holiday present, standing in line on April 14th waiting to mail income tax returns. All of these activities waste time because of poor organizations and planning skills.” –Bob Bly in Make Every Second Count.


The best resource I have found (and Bly’s book is good, too) is David Allen’s Getting 
Things Done



Matti Anttila
Author of The Zen of Joy & 108 Tips for More Joy, Energy and Health


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