Awaken Your Wizzdom. Reprogram Your Biological Computer. Easy Ways to Get Into “The Flow.”

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Awaken Your Wizzdom! Your body is an “organic computer.” Would you like to reboot your programs…easily?

Are stuck in a rut?

Would you like to have more access to your “inner guidance?”

Do you want more “flow?”

if life just unfolded easily and more effortessly, would you find that helpful?

Would being more playful in everyday life bring you more joy?

Introducing for the first time in Victoria: The Wizzdom Game.

Created by a self described “ordinary bloke” in Australia, this interactive and joyous game has people over the world raving about the insights they enjoy.

My friend and fellow Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Gene Furbee experienced the gamge recently and here is what he has to say:

“While attending the International Laughter Yoga Conference recently in White Rock I played the Wizzdom Game with facilitators Sebastien Gendry and Lynda Tourloukis. Playing the game over a three hour period gave me a taste of what the full game played over a two day period could contribute toward a sense of ones self and others.


My experience was that so much of what I take for granted in life such as the simple awareness of the world around me began to take on a natural curiosity and interest that reminded me of earlier times in life when everyday seemed to just unfold.


I caught a glimpse of what it was like to simply trust myself to respond to situations as they occurred and in that, experience a sense of freedom in being alive and involved with others. The beauty of playing the variety of games within the Wizzdom Game is that as adults we have available to us the freedom of play combined with keen insights into ourselves and others.”

In fact, Gene loved the game so much, he arranged for Wizzdom Game Facilitator Linda Tourloukis to come to Victoria for a one time event…THIS SUNDAY!

Have a look here to see more about the game will see a place to register there with Gene. (Ignore the fact that is says “Vancouver.” I am guessing folks from Illinois don’t make a distinction between Vancouver and victoria :-))

Here is the creator of the game, Len Histon, explaining how it came to him in a dream:

“Highly efficient people play.”

See if this speaks to you…I will be there and hoping to have fun with YOU.

You can also phone Gene to ask any questions you have: 250.598.8574. or email him at

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