Embrace Your Illness: It is a Message from Your Subconscious

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Life, God, the Universe, Life Force Energy, call it what you will, only wants the best for you and I.

The pain, the suffering of having an illness, be it a cold, a flu, pneumonia or anything else, is not a punishment. It is a message.

“Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

When we are in the middle of a bout of flu, that hardly seems to be true. And yet, yet…

Let us suppose that perhaps the Universe IS a friendly place and only wants to steer us in the direction of our highest good.

In that case, if we get off track, perhaps the Universe sends us a message, a kick in the butt: “Hey kid. You’re off the path here. Get back on track.”

It could be a stubbed toe. If we ignore the message, then guess what? Our “guardian angel” (another way to think of the Universe) sends a stronger message. Perhaps the next one is a fender bender car “accident.” Perhaps it is a cold or flu.

Consider any event in our lives that we think of as negative is actually a message and happens for our highest good.

Consider that perhaps everything happens for our highest good. If we continue to ignore the messages, the Universe, our Guardian Angel sends increasingly stronger messages until we “get it.”

So, rather than falling into the victim mentality: “Oh woe is me. Why does everything bad happen to me,” why not take the “time out” we are given with an illness and reflect on the message the friendly universe is sending to us?

A number of folks I know personally who rarely get ill have had an extended bout this year, myself included!

If  it is true, as I contend, that living in joy is our best “recipe” for success, then one answer to pain, illness and/or suffering may well be….wait for it…laughter and smiling.

When we allow joy into every moment, we have better cellular communication, i.e. the neurons are “firing on all cylinders” and we can more readily find solutions to whatever “ails” us.

Yes, I know it can be a challenge to find a way to laugh or smile when in pain and wondering if it something more serious. It can easy to give in to worry.

As we know, worry never solved anything. Why not try another tack? There are plenty of ways to laugh. Search for “laughing babies” on the internet. Or you can download my “Authentic Joy” video here: http://joyenergyandhealth.com/ and laugh along with me as often as you like.

Love, Laughter and Smiles!


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