Overwhelm is an Emotion. Mastery Newsletter Update January 22, 2014

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Overwhelm is an Emotion

It has nothing to do with what is going on outside of you. You may THINK you are feeling overwhelmed and/or stressed out because of the sheer number of tasks at work.


You may feel frazzled by the demands of your family be it sick kids, aging parents and demanding daily schedule.


It could be that you are facing financial challenges…not enough money at the end of the month syndrome.


Whatever is happening OUTSIDE of you is NOT the cause of the emotion. Even if everyone around you agrees with you that you are doing too much and how do you do it and so son.


No, the feeling of being overwhelmed is an emotion separate and apart from the “triggers” that we may identify as the cause of that feeling.


The stimulus hits our physical, mental and emotional system and causes a reaction. Let’s take an example. Say you were on your way to a job interview for a position you really wanted and felt would be perfect for you and someone bangs into your car from the rear. No injuries ensue but now you are not going to make the interview, you have take time to exchange information, maybe call and wait for the police. You will have to get the car fixed and deal with all the time consuming paperwork. You missed the appointment so you didn’t get the job. Now you don’t know where the rent or mortgage is coming from for next month. You may even get a tongue lashing from a close family member.


Would you now be justified in feeling overwhelmed? Well, sure. If you play “victim!”


Here’s the secret: There is a space in between stimulus (the car accident) and the response. We can actually choose how we respond. We can choose to rewire the brain and nervous system to respond in a way that allows us to feel joy, the inner and authentic joy that permeates every cell of our being.


Here’s what we don’t know. The universe IS a friendly place. It is always arranging things for our best and highest good. It could well be that the “fender-bender” caused a delay that prevents us from being in a far more serious accident further down the road.


It could be that the “ideal job” was not in our highest and best good and something far better is waiting for us.


It becomes a question of do you trust the universe of not. I, for one, do.


Regardless, whatever the stimulus, I can choose to remain in joy. By doing so, I have the greatest chance of making the best of the situation.




Because when we are in joy, there are more neural connections in the brain and that allows us to make wiser choices in any given situation. As simple as that.


“The Zen of Joy” is a 24 protocol course manual on how to rewire the brain for happiness and success so that we have the ability to retain our wisest choices for our highest good…at any time.


Here is more: http://zenofjoy.com/


Love and Laughter and Smiles…they help too.



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