How to Make Stress Your Friend and Increase Your Chances of Living a Healthy Life into Your 90s. Mastery Newsletter Feb 1, 2014

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How to Make Stress Your Friend and Increase Your Chances of Living a Healthy Life into Your 90s.


We have been told (over and over again) that stress is harmful. We hear constantly about how stress is a killer.


We are advised to reduce stress through meditation, yoga, guided relaxations and so on.


But what if stress can be harnessed for good…for our benefit?


Is it as simple as changing our belief about stress?


What if we “reframe” stress?


What if, instead of believing that stress is our enemy, out to harm us, we embrace stress as a friend who is plugging us into more life energy?


Can that make a difference?


In a TED talk, psychologist Kelly McGonigal quotes a US study that tracked 39 adults over eight years. They asked them about their level of stress. They also asked them if they believed that stress was harmful to their hearts!


The study showed people who experienced a lot of stress had a 43% increased risk of dying.


But…that was only true if people also believed that stress is harmful to their health.


McGonigal estimates that 182,000 people died because they believed stress is harmful to them. If she is correct in her estimate that means that more people died as a result of believing stress is bad for them than died of skin cancer, HIV/AIDS and homicide!


A Harvard University study encouraged participants in a stress study to view stress as a friend, energizing their bodies to meet the challenge in front of them.


The result? The participants were less anxious and more confident!


But the real surprise was their bodies’ physiological response. Stress can constrict the arteries. This is one of the reasons stress is associated with cardiovascular disease.


In this study, when the participants viewed stress as positive, their blood vessels stayed relaxed and open and did not constrict!


McGonigal contends that this one biological change may make the difference between dying of a stress-induced heart attack at age 50 and living well into your 90s.


Whew! and Wow!


I have been leading Laughter Yoga sessions for years now and referring its benefits in reducing stress. And I will continue to extol the benefits of laughter. However, this information can be wonderfully life affirming.


So, how do we put this to use in real life?


McGonigal tells us it is this simple: When we are in a stressful situation, when we find our hearts pounding, our breathing increasing and so on, we simply remember this article and this TED talk.


We think to ourselves: “This is my body rising to the challenge.”


When you view stress that way, your body believes you and your stress response becomes healthier.


There is more. I encourage you to watch the 14 minute video here to get the other benefits:


Love, Laughter and Smiles.




P.S. Another way to make stress work for you: The Zen of Joy manual. Click here for info:



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That’s it for now. Enjoy your month.


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