Living Comfortably in the Cosmos. Part 3 Mastery Newsletter Update

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Living Comfortably in the Cosmos. Part 3. Emmanuel’s Book is a manual for doing just that.

Some wisdom from the book:


You will not exhaust

the love in the universe

if you were to absorb it

from now until the end of time


Love is all that exists.


Love is the universal communication.

it is the energy that has created the

universe and is keeping it going.

God is love.

All matter is formed by love.

There is an organic love

that speaks to everyone

if they could but hear.

A leaf holds together

for love.




True self love is not ego.

True love is great humility.

Love and compassion for others

cannot exist

until there is a goodly supply for self.

How can you feel the love of god

if you do not love yourself?

Are they not one and the same thing?



Every religion at its roots

has been inspired by God

and then has been seized by the intellect

and limited, distorted and many time

all but destroyed.




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