Living Comfortably in the Cosmos part 4 Mastery Newsletter Update Feb 20 2014

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Living Comfortably in the Cosmos part 4


Emmanuel’s Book is a manual for doing just that.


Some wisdom from the book:



Meditation is a path

that will help you release

the treasures of self-love

that rest deep within you.



You experience as you believe.

The very world in which you exist,

the positive and the negative alike,

is a product of what you hold to be true.



Fear is a fungus

that grows rapidly in the dark places

of the consciousness.

It is the most powerful of doors

that closes off the Word

and the Light of God.



is the dragon at the gate.

It is the denial of Light

and denial of Light

is resistance to god.

It is the falsehood that separates you

from God.



You can allay fear

through prayer, through meditation,

through clear thinking.




is only looking in the mirror

and making faces

at oneself.


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