Living Comfortably in the Cosmos part 5 Emmanuel’s Book is a manual for doing just that.

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Some wisdom from the book:


Joy is the God within you

standing up.

Shaking himself off.

And beginning to smile.



In your joy

you are celebrating God.

You are celebrating the feast of life.



You can create for yourself

a garden of bliss

if you believe in it.

And you can create for yourself

intolerable suffering

if you believe

that it is necessary.



Celebrate your life.

Bring pleasure into it whenever you can.

And see that pleasure as truth

not as some secret sin.



The entire world is an illusion

spinning nicely through space

even though it does wobble a bit.

You accept the illusion

because you’re good students

and you promised to come and to learn.

You promised to remain here in the illusion,

believing the illusion,

until what you have come to accomplish

has been done.

Then you can release it.


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