Living Comfortably in the Cosmos Part 7. Mastery Newsletter Update March 12. 2014

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Living Comfortably in the Cosmos Part 7.

Emmanuel’s Book is a manual for doing just that.

Some wisdom from the book:

Death is like taking off a tight shoe.

Even when you are dead,

you are still alive.

You do not cease to exist at death.

That is only illusion.

You go through the doorway of death alive

and there is no altering of the consciousness.

It is not a strange land you go to

but a land of living reality

where the growth process is a continuation.




Dying is self-regulating.

It is of Divine origin.

It is absolutely safe.

The fear of death

is the fear of letting go.



There is no punishment in God.

There is only eternal love and understanding.



Why does someone die when they are very young?


Because they have completed their task.

There is no other reason.


You are eternal.

Once you escape from the space-time continuum,

the “young”

becomes a very old soul.


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