Living Comfortably in the Cosmos Part 9. Mastery Newsletter Update March 19, 2014

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Living Comfortably in the Cosmos Part 9

Emmanuel’s Book is a manual for doing just that.

Some wisdom from the book:


Is the planet on the edge of destruction?


School cannot be dismissed so early.

The bell will not ring.

You will not go on the extended vacation

that many are seeking by saying

“Let’s get it over with.”


Man is still so immature

that in believing himself powerful enough

to obliterate the world

there is a sense of grandiosity

that borders on the infantile.

This immaturity gravitates to the false promise

of absolute power that negativity extends.

There is no such thing in your world

as absolute power, even in limited form.


Look within yourselves

as to where the satisfaction of an Armageddon

might be lurking.


The inappropriateness of such destruction

is self-evident to everyone on your planet.

Why, then, do you suppose

it would be less obviously inappropriate

to the All-Seeing Consciousness of Love?



But yes, there will come a time—

science is quite right—

when your planet will dissolve.

Not in your lifetimes.

But when you have all completed the schooling

the earth can go Home.

It will return to Light.





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