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Common Sense Is Not Enough Anymore


The world has become so complex, it is as if there are hidden minefields all over the place. These minefields contain silent mines. If you “step” on them, it may take months, years or decades for the bombs to “explode.”


Without knowledge of these minefields, we can be triggering all kinds of conditions and “dis-eases” for ourselves and our families.


The Good News Story: PCBs are decreasing in our bodies


Take PCB’s for example. Many may have heard about Polychlorinated Biphenyls which were widely used as coolants in electrical applications until they were banned because of their toxicity. You can read about PCBs here:


This is a good news story in that PCBs are now decreasing in humans. Testing has shown that children have less of it in their bodies than do adults. (source: SLOW DEATH BY RUBBER DUCK by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie)


The Bad News Story: PBDEs, a “cousin” of PCBs, have the same toxicity and are INCREASING in our bodies.


However, there is another story. This one about PBDEs or polybrominated diphenyls. PDBEs are basically a cousin to PCBs. They are used in flame retardants. And they are increasing in the bodies of infants and young children especially.


“When you take PBDEs into the laboratory and look at them for endocrine disruption, for thyroid hormones and for developmental neurotoxicity, they have the same effects, the effects you’d expect them to have based on their similarity to PCBs.” –SLOW DEATH BY RUBBER DUCK page 111.


Where are PBDEs used? In flame retardants.


Now, “common sense” may well tell you that it is a good thing to have flame retardants in your furniture and in your children’s pyjamas.


Common sense may NOT tell you that those same flame retardants may disrupt your hormones, your endocrine system and your nervous system.


Source: SLOW DEATH BY RUBBER DUCK. For the fuller story, you can read that book, or you can subscribe to the 108 TIPS FOR MORE JOY, ENERGY AND HEALTH, where you will find a number of tips on how to reduce your exposure to PBDEs and a whole slew of other toxins that “common sense” won’t tell you about. is the site to click on.


High Fructose Corn Syrup: Leading Cause of the World Wide Obesity Epidemic?


If common sense were enough, we would not have a world wide obesity epidemic.


Did you know about this? Anecdotally, I visited my home country of Finland in 1978 and 1982. At that time, there certainly were overweight people. But nothing like my recent trips where I have seen young people grossly overweight. This is also the case in the UK, from my observations.


What is the cause? This is my personal conclusion and not backed up by the medical community…yet. Just so you know.


In the 1970s, U.S. President Richard Nixon’s administration pushed the use of HFCS or High Fructose Corn Syrup as an alternative to sugar. It had benefits: it was cheaper than sugar, for one thing.


HFCS Turns Off The “Satiety Switch”


Food manufacturers jumped on it and now HFCS is in many food items. The other “benefit” to manufacturers was and is that HFCS “turns off the satiety switch.” In other words, when you consume HFCS, you do not feel full. Instead we can easily continue to eat, eat and over-eat.


This “benefit” of HFCS has caused the population of the developed world to overeat. Thus the obesity epidemic.


HFCS Responsible for increase in Type 2 Diabetes?


HFCS may also be responsible for the increase in type 2 diabetes.  This used to be called “Adult Onset Diabetes.” The name was changed when a new phenomenon occurred: children as young as eight years of age are now coming down with this disease. Could HFCS in humongous sized soft drinks possibly be contributing?


“Common sense” may tell you that we are ok as long as don’t overdo anything. When everyone around us is consuming 150 pounds of sugar and sugar substitutes per year on average, we may feel we are in a safe zone if we only consume 100 pounds per year. This is still a far cry from 3 pounds per person per year in the 1800s.


Epidemic of Silent Inflammation?


“Common sense” may not know about the pioneering work of Dr. Richard Johnson, author of THE SUGAR FIX.


Dr. Johnson and a handful of researchers have discovered that our overconsumption of fructose of fruit sugar has caused what may be called an epidemic of silent inflammation in the population.


Other researchers point to inflammation as a causative factor in all disease.


Might it be that many of our modern diseases could be alleviated, if not cured, by addressing this silent inflammation?


“Common sense” may tell us that we are better off by cutting back on our sugar consumption.


Cutting Back on Sugar Consumption Does Nothing?


It won’t tell us what Dr. Johnson found. His research shows that cutting back on fructose consumption does little or nothing to decrease the silent inflammation once the fructose enzymes have been activated by overconsumption. (White sugar is a complex sugar made up of two simple sugars: glucose and fructose.)


The action steps to help prevent all disease are in his book THE SUGAR FIX. Or you can subscribe to the 108 TIPS FOR MORE JOY ENERGY AND HEALTH. is the site to click on.


These are just a couple of examples. The 108 TIPS FOR MORE JOY, ENERGY AND HEALTH addresses many, many other topics to navigate the minefield of modern life.


One more example I will leave you with: If it is true that Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island have increased radiation above safe levels, what are the solutions?


Yes, there are solutions you and I can implement on an individual level…without waiting for governments to take action. Again, this is all covered in 108 TIPS FOR MORE JOY ENERGY AND HEALTH. is the site to click on.


I love you all. That is why I am continuing research into tools and techniques to increase energy, health and wellbeing in a complex modern world.


Feedback always appreciated.

Love and laughter (the two most powerful medicines) to you all.



P.S.   In this issue:


* Memory loss is a sign of disease, not of old age.


* 26 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes.


* Should we pay students to go to university instead of charging them?


* Are We All Brainwashed? The Secret Ways That Advertising Works On You.


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“Accept responsibility for your life.

Know that it is you who will get you

where you want to go, no one else.”

–       Les Brown


(Boy, does this ever apply to our health)





Memory loss is a sign of disease, not of old age.


26 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes.

Have not tested these. Try ’em yourself.





Should we pay students to go to university instead of charging them?


Why do Canada and the US charge students to go to university? We should be paying them. The future is in the hands of the young…educate them. It is an investment.







Are We All Brainwashed? The Secret Ways That Advertising Works On You.




Your Soul’s Plan: The Meaning of Your Life.





Twenty Feet From Stardom

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How to Activate Your Super Conscious Mind (Great Stuff!)





How to Believe in Yourself



That’s it for now. Enjoy your month.


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