Magician, Warrior, Lover, Sovereign. Mastery Newsletter update July 11, 2014

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We have within us all the qualities that make for a fulfilled and balanced life.

“Wild Voice” singing instructor Edwin Coppard fleshed these out for me this week.

Each of us has a warrior, a magician, a lover and a sovereign. And we have a male and female aspect of these.


The challenge is these qualities or energy aspects of ourselves can be wounded. These wounds can block us from fulfilling our potential as healers on the planet at a critical time when we are needed.


Yes, each of us, you and I, are called upon to help heal ourselves, our families, friends and all our relations during what appears to be a pivotal time in our history.


Bringing these aspects of our selves, these different qualities or energies into balance is healing not only for ourselves, but also others.


In fact, it can be argued that this is our highest calling: to release the energies in both male and female aspects to do their holy work within us.


Or to say it otherwise, for us to allow these aspects to come out from hiding, to express themselves fully…in a balanced “yin and yang” way. To truly balance the different male and female aspects we all have.


In a one hour consultation with Edwin, we identified how my Warrior male and female energy had been split and lived in separate parts of my body. Through visualization and intention, I was then able to bring the two of them together in a most appropriate part of my body.


We did the same for the Magician energy and the Lover and Sovereign within me.


What do these four energies represent?


The Warrior is aligned with action, with moving forward in the physical world.


The Lover is our sensory system. It is connection with others and with the Energy of Love that permeates the Universe.


The Magician encompasses the skills we have developed over a lifetime. The skills that we use to serve others and get paid for.


The Sovereign can be thought of as the King and Queen that resides inside us. It is pure vibration. It knows why I came here, what purpose I am to fulfill. The Sovereign, when balanced, can look forward and guide me in fulfilling my purpose.


From this session with Edwin was born four daily rituals that take only a few moments and continue to unfold the integration of the male and female aspects of these four aspects of myself.


How did I choose to consult with Edwin?


It is another example of the power of intention. I had been reflecting on the concept of the “Bucket List.” It has become popular now for Boomers to make up a list of things they want to do before “kicking the bucket” or checking out of these physical bodies.


I realized that my one and only item on my bucket list was an internal one. I wanted to release whatever traumas are lingering in my body, mind, emotions and spirit and thereby release any and all fears.


It seemed and seems to me that would be “mainlining” the full experience of life.


If this calls to you, I can commend Edwin to you for a one on one consultation. It was one of the highest quality hours I have spent.


See Edwin in action at a workshop:

Edwin’s contact info:

778 747 0412


Love and Laughter,



P.S. This was not a one time event. From this session was born a daily ritual and much like meditation, the idea is to expand the ritual to infuse my being at all moments of the day…to truly balance all these energies. In other words, it is ongoing moment by moment work…and play. 🙂



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