Joy in the Dentist’s Chair. Mastery Newsletter Update July 18, 2014

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Joy in the dentist’s chair. What, are you crazy?


For most of us, getting your teeth drilled is not very high on the list of things that create happiness or joy. It’s just a necessary evil. Something to be suffered through to do the maintenance our teeth demand.


Yet, I sat in my dentist’s chair while he drilled and filled three teeth. I did it without freezing and I felt joy.


I hasten to add, I had to do some work to feel that joy and I did slip a little out of it from time to time. But, for the most part, that is the overarching emotion/sensation/feeling I had during the hour.


How is that possible, you may ask?


I did it by applying one of the protocols from my book The Zen of Joy. This is the one called “How to be Happy 24/7.”


This protocol or practice involves accessing what is called “the inner smile.” This has become easier and easier as time goes on. Practice makes perfect, they say.


How did it come to be that I asked for no freezing in the first place?


It was January of 1977. I am walking the streets of Merida, the capital of Yucatan State in Mexico. I spot a dental office at street level. A couple of year previous, I had chipped my two front teeth.


A dentist in Vancouver had quoted me $300 each to fix them. I didn’t bother. But I thought, let’s see what it would cost here. The dentist greeted me. There was no receptionist. He quoted me $10 for the both of them! Go ahead, says I. He says: “You have the money ON YOU?”


Those lasted for decades. The most interesting part was, he started to drill without freezing. Now, I had been seeing dentists for years and never had that experience. I stopped him and asked: “What about the freezing?” “ No es necessario” he replied.


And surprise, surprise, there was no pain. This was a revelation. So, the next time I had occasion to get drilled in Canada again, I asked for no freezing.


Again, no pain. Oh, there was lots of racket, but no actual pain. It was mostly the anticipation of pain. I used my meditation experience to throw the energy in to the area of my “third eye” in the forehead.


When I had a root canal without freezing, now THAT was a real challenge. And, in recent years, I have relented and become lazier and do allow the freezing from time to time.


Back to my dentist’s chair this week. Not only was there no pain, it was quite relaxing really. Yes, the drill made quite a racket that my ears picked up on.


But, using the inner smile technique from The Zen of Joy, I was able easily and effortlessly to release any attachment to the noise.


In fact, throughout the years, I have been able to use the experience to deepen my meditation practice.


I have more visits to look forward to, but for you, gentle reader, is there a lesson?


Perhaps it is this: if a fool such as I can find a way to feel joy in what can be a terror filled experience for many, perhaps there is a way to feel this joy in your life.


Perhaps The Zen of Joy protocols can be practiced to expand joy in your life. Perhaps you too can find a way to feel joy in challenging situations.


Find out more here:


Love and Laughter,




P.S. No one expects you to go without freezing at your next dental visit. It’s just an example of the principle that we can feel authentic joy in the most challenging situations.


So, if you are facing some challenges (and who isn’t these days?), consider The Zen of Joy to help ease you into facing those challenges in a more empowered and joyous state.


Who knows, you may find your life becoming easier and more effortless. Worth a look?

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