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“Chase Your Passion Rather Than Your Pension”


This wisdom from Tommy Transit, a “retired” Vancouver bus driver (transit operator, please).


The message that “Tommy Transit’s Bus Tales” is: Respectfully acknowledge others in a spirit of playfulness and honesty.


We are on the way from Montague Harbour on Galeano Island to the Hummingbird Pub for dinner.


Tommy drives the free bus there that takes about ten minutes. Except, he doesn’t just drive. He enthusiastically draws us in to his performance art. It is the Art of Acknowledgment.


First, everyone gets either a tambourine or maraca. Then, with Fats Domino on the stereo, we all sing along and bang out the beat, while Tommy works his drum set.


Wait, did you say drum set? Yes, Tommy has a drum set attached to his Hummingbird bus.


We just can’t help but feel good. It is a perfect bus ride. All smiles as we exit for our dinner.


Now where does all this come from?


Tommy realized he could use his work as a transit operator to spread some joy to peoples’ lives. Here’s his formula and how you and I can do it too.


“The 7 Steps to the Art of Acknowledgement:


  1. Be aware of other people – they ache to be seen
  2. Notice something nice or unique about them
  3. Tell them cleanly what it was that you noticed
  4. Use sweet words in all that you say
  5. Have no expectations about how your words are received
  6. Be Playful, but respectful
  7. Smile inwardly and silently acknowledge yourself for having made a positive difference in sending another ripple of kindness out into the world”


The book is a chronicle of Tommy’s adventures once he decided to have a good time and exude joy in his work.


He relates that he often had more energy at the end of his shift than before.


Might it works for us, you and I?


This thinking is right in line with one of the “protocols” in my book The Zen of Joy. There, I suggest asking those we have dealings with: “How’s your day going so far?” and striking up a conversation.


Tommy takes it further by being more observant, noticing something about them and sincerely and respectfully acknowledging them by making a positive comment.


Just yesterday, I noticed an elderly lady waiting, it turns out for a taxi. I said hello and noticed she had a brightly coloured blouse. She responded and complimented her on her colourful clothing.


Her face lit up with a smile and we had a brief and delightful conversation.


I think I added a little bright spot to her day and just as importantly, I felt delight at the exchange.


I was reminded of Tommy’s point about all this. We are meant to give and when we do, we feel good.


“What we leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” –Pericles as quoted in Tommy’s book.


On the way back to our boat from dinner, Tommy puts a coughing sound on the stereo and stops and starts the bus a few times in beat with the coughing. Big laughs from everyone.


Now, we are calling out requests for tunes and if he has it. Passengers are singing, beating out the rhythm and talking with each other.


What a great “retirement” for Tommy, carrying on the tradition he started in the city.


Check his website and then consider becoming a Joy Ambassador.


More on getting grounded in joy in my book The Zen of Joy:


“I believe that we do as much good by bringing a heartfelt smile to someone’s face as we can by any act of charity.” –Tommy Transit.


Should you decide to take up this “joy mission,” let me know how it goes.


(Your mission, should you decide to accept, is spreading joy. 🙂 )


Love, Laughter and Smiles.






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That’s it for now. Enjoy your month.


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