Smile: It May Save Your Life. Mastery Newsletter Update August 29, 2014

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Smile: It May Save Your Life


Can a smile be the difference between life and death?


There is evidence now that our bodies create different hormonal substances/chemicals depending on the shape of our mouths!


This is astounding news.


You mean to say that just turning up the corners of our mouths to simulate a smile and our bodies respond with a cascade of the “feel good” hormones such as endorphins?


Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.


Let’s consider the opposite: a frown. This may be deadly.


The Permanent Down-Mouth


The opposite to pulling up the corners of the mouth to show happiness is pulling both corners downward to show the Down-Mouth expression. This is done by the person who feels unhappy, despondent, depressed, angry or tense. Unfortunately, if a person holds these negative emotions throughout their lifetime, the corners of the mouth will set into a permanent down position.


In later life, this can give a person an appearance similar to a bulldog. Studies show that we stand further away from people who have this expression, give them less eye contact and avoid them when they are walking towards us. If you discover that the Down-Mouth has crept into your repertoire, practice smiling regularly, which will not only help you avoid looking like an angry canine in later life, but will make you feel more positive. It will also help you avoid frightening little children and being thought of as a grumpy old cow.” –from article in WestSide Toastmasters:


Robin Williams committed suicide. After I read the above article, I watched some videos of his performances that showed up as tributes to him.


Whenever he would finish a hilarious “bit,” the corners of his mouth came back to their “go to” position, which was turned down! This is something that I did not notice until I read the article above.


I hasten to add, this is not a scientific study by any means. Still, I now wonder if the hormone/chemical production in his body was overwhelmingly of the depressive type BECAUSE of his habitual turning down of the corners of his mouth?


He created much laughter and joy for his audience. It appears he did not know how to create that same joy in his own body.


What is the habitual and “go to” position for the corners of YOUR mouth?


Are the corners of your mouth pointing down more? Or are they pointing up more?


If down, do you have the ability to make a choice to point them up more? Whenever you think about it, why not experiment?


What have you got to lose?


I wonder if this one habit may not go a long way to lifting sadness and perhaps even depression, over time?


Are you willing to experiment with me? I have been installing this habit more and more. I find it is working.


If you choose to conduct this admittedly non-scientific experiment, will you share your results with me? My email is



Thank you for considering.




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