Laughter is Freedom. Mastery Newsletter Update. September 11, 2014

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Laughter is Freedom


The system has us trapped in a cage. It is the belief that we need stimulation from outside of us in order to trigger laughter.


We have been programmed to believe that unless we hear a joke or a humorous story, the laughter is not “real.”


If we laugh for no reason, it must be fake laughter. And that somehow makes US fake, or fakers. If we fake laughter, we must be faking our lives and we must be faking our personal relationships. We are not to be trusted.


All this is under the surface, not in our conscious minds, but held as subconscious beliefs.


Kids laugh a lot more than we as adults do. (Not the 400 times that is often quoted, but still, a lot of more.) They laugh AT things too and they are READY to laugh at the drop of a hat. Until we adult “shepherds” train them to do otherwise. We say: “What are you laughing at?” often enough that they pick up the story line and start to feel self conscious about their laughter. Slowly but surely, they hold back their natural joy at living and laughing.


Laughter Yoga is the process of unlearning all that adult, so called “grown up” behaviour. It is releasing the belief that we must have an outside stimulus in order to laugh. It is stepping out of the energetic “cage” of subconscious beliefs.


Laughter Yoga is the reconnection with our child-like nature, with our joy of living, with the power of releasing our loving selves and allowing our vulnerabilities to show.


Our TRUE power is in our vulnerability.


Our TRUE power is in stepping into the flow the life energy that is ever new in every moment.


Our TRUE power is in letting go.


Our TRUE power resides in our “yin” or female, yielding selves rather than our “yang” or male, dominating selves. (We need both of course, but the balance has been upset and we, as a society, have been seduced into rejecting the yin in favour of the yang…way too much.)


Laughter is letting go. It is joy. It is healing. It is connecting more easily to others. (“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” –Victor Borge)


Laughter Yogis and Yoginis experience this regularly during Laughter Yoga sessions. The smiles and good feelings following a Laughter Yoga sessions are testament to the peace-inducing power of laughter.


Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga, has set a lofty goal: World Peace through Laughter.


At times like these, with war drums beating, it may seem like a pipe-dream. I believe at times like these, we need to focus more strongly on our laughter practice and help the world to lighten up, realize we are all together on this small planet and find ways to get along.


Laughter can be and is part of the solution to world peace.


Won’t you choose to become part of the world peace solution by attending Laughter Yoga sessions locally?





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