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When we “plug in” to our “Mission in life” we enjoy a lifetime of fun.


Kind of like what Joseph Campbell said: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where before there were only walls.”


As Deepak Chopra points out in his meditation series, our “MISSION” need not be some capitalized big deal.


It may be that our mission at this moment is to help a friend through a tough time. It might just be to nurture ourselves by getting a massage.


Helping a friend allows us to feel as if we are making a worthwhile contribution.


Getting a massage allows us to feel good.


Either can move us toward a connection with our deeper selves and a connection with another or others. AND a connection to the Divine, or universal energy flow.


When we “get” this, we can choose to enjoy whatever we are doing.


It may be that our work has not been fulfilling. We can choose to make it so, just by MAKING THE CHOICE. By internally changing the attitude we bring to the task at hand.


Imagine a sink full of dishes when you wake up…every morning!


That’s what I saw in my first apartment away from my parents’ home.


It was disheartening and nothing to look forward to.


In an inspired moment, I realized that I could choose to like dishwashing. In that moment, I chose to do so.


As a result, I created a habit to wash my dishes right after each meal. Truth be told, I actually wash during preparation.


I enjoy it because I choose to enjoy it. I also enjoy the results: a clean and tidy kitchen. This feedback from the world of my kitchen (something outside of myself), gives me a brighter outlook on life.


It sets me up and allows me to enjoy my day more.


I can also choose to follow my own example and CHOOSE to enjoy any and all tasks before me at any time.


Do you others (perhaps you) could also choose to enjoy whatever is in front of them?


To view the task as part of my “mission in life” right now?


Do you think this kind of attitude might be useful in growing and learning?


Just an idea for you to consider.


Love, Laughter and Smiles.






In this issue:


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When you are happy, they will appear.


They being your agents, partners, clients, house plans, garden paths, friends, laughter, confidence, inspiration, charisma, and bunny slippers.



-The Universe






Laughter Kills negative emotions



Free Recipe Book from Dr. Mercola





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How Social Engineers Siphon Human Energy






Laughter Revolutionaries: Making the World Safe for Hilarity –Jeffery Briar






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José Mujica: the world’s most radical president? http://ow.ly/BJaey




That’s it for now. Enjoy your month.


Matti Anttila


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