Healing to the Core with Sound. Mastery Newsletter Update October 6, 2014

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What if music and sound is the core of our being?


Some think music is frivolous. It is to be enjoyed in the evenings after all the work is done and then only occasionally.


What if everything in the universe is vibration? What if nothing is solid, but, at its core, an energetic essence?


What if all our modern afflictions from the “diseases of civilization” such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and so on, are energetic imbalances?


Could our modern day anxieties  also be imbalances? Worry about the planet, about the wars, anxiety about our careers, our money, our relationships…what if they too, are energetic imbalances?


Could music and harmonic sound help to heal all these?


This is the question I pondered after attending Matthew Kocel’s “concert” recently here in Victoria (BC, Canada).


From his website: “Matthew Kocel is a throat singer, healer and musical visionary driven by his mission to inspire unity through the universal language of music and sacred sound.


The harmonic overtones of his voice – two, three, or more notes at the same time – vibrate the core of your being with extraordinary sensations, awakening a deep spiritual presence beyond words.”


Matthew shook me to the core. Energy was released…as if the layers of an onion were peeled. Emotions were brought up to be released. I had a part to play, of course. My part was to do the releasing.


What helped was his four hour Qigong training. That training immediately boosted the “chi” or vital energy.


It was and is palpable. It is a feeling of solidity.


The challenge naturally is to keep it going. How many of us have attended workshops and seminars, felt great and over time, that feeling dissipates as we re-enter the modern busy world.


Matthew’s “take home” message and exercises address that. All I have to do is to do it…i.e. continue the daily practices he taught us all yesterday.


If and when Matthew shows up in your area, be sure to attend. He is a blessing. This short clip gives a sense of his power: http://ow.ly/CkMe3


Here is his site: http://omshaman.com/


Love and Laughter, Matti





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