Ebola: Is the “Cure” Worse Than the Disease? Mastery Newsletter Update October 15, 2014

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Ebola: Is the “Cure” Worse Than the Disease?


You have “very, very little risk” of contracting Ebola.


That’s according to Craig Manning, a member of the Center for Disease Control’s Viral Special Pathogens branch.


Manning says: “People need to understand that unless they are in contact with infectious bushmeat or unless they are involved in the care and treatment of an Ebola patient at home, or in a hospital where gloves are not used – perhaps in a remote, rural clinic – anybody who was not one of those three groups basically had very, very little risk.”


So, why are we being absolutely inundated with this story every day in every medium: TV, radio, newspapers, the internet?


Follow the Money


As with many stories, let’s ask where is the money being made here?


Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Society posted a Facebook article about this. (For those on FB, see: https://www.facebook.com/captpaulwatson/posts/10152715018470932 )


Watson points out:


  • TEKMIRA Pharmaceuticals holds a patent on a vaccine against Ebola.
  • Monsanto has recently bought a large position in TEKMIRA.
  • TEKMIRA has a $140 million contract with the U.S. military for Ebola treatment drugs.

From Watson’s post: “It is always suspicious when profits surge as hysteria over some new disease is hyped. Vaccine manufacturers made billions off the overly-exaggerated swine flu “epidemic” that did not happen and tens of millions of dollars in stockpiled swine flu vaccines that had to be destroyed by governments that panicked and purchased them with the taxpayers loss, being the pharmaceutical companies gain.”



“More ominously there is a very real potential for the “cure” to be more lethal than the disease if the entire U.S. population becomes the lab animals for an untested Monsanto TEKMIRA vaccine enforced through Federal legislation at the point of a gun from the military.


Number of Ebola Deaths since 1976: 7,997

Number of Malaria deaths since 1976: 100 million

Number of Tuberculosis deaths since 1976. 40 million

Number of Influenza deaths since 1976: 19 million

Number of Measles deaths since 1976: Estimated 20 million


It is estimated that malaria throughout history has killed over 50 billion people making it the number one killer of human beings over all other diseases and wars combined.


Tuberculosis is especially lethal to patients already suffering from HIV killing around 1 million HIV patients last year.


We need to keep our priorities straight.”


Did you catch the point about enforced vaccination?


Fun times.


Forced vaccinations so Monsanto and TEKMIRA can make their billions.


And did you catch the bit about how Monsanto can’t be sued for any ill effects, including death?


Your hero and mine, US President Obama, signed that one into law, according to Watson.


More detail, if you can stand any more, on Captain Watson’s Facebook post:






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