Laughter and Illness. Mastery Newsletter Update Nov. 26, 2014

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Laughter and Illness


What a thrill ride I am having. Currently under the influence of some bugs. They are helping me to get in touch with and begin clearing out some crud from my system.


(Read online:


That is the way my herbal teacher/master Dr. Terry Willard taught me to think about flus and colds. It is the system (body/mind/spirit/emotions) cleansing itself of accumulated layers of “stuff.”


This could include toxins I have ingested in food, chlorine from my shower, pollution in the air I breathe and even toxic emotions from folks around me or from ancestral DNA. Whatever. The source is not so keenly important. I don’t need to invest huge amounts of time and energy to uncover abuse in my past or trauma from accidents (I did fall on my head on some cement during Aikido practice some decades ago, but that hasn’t affected me in any way… in any way… in any way… in any way…[smack]). 🙂


All that I need is to take the time to heal. Sometimes that is all we need is just time. Yes, some medicines may help the process (garlic, cayenne, lemon and a host of other goodies is what I am doing.)


As laughter is a daily practice for me, I chose to continue. It never fails to uplift me. Staying positive and not succumbing to negative feelings can be great for the healing process.


Another great tool is smiling. While that may seem like the last thing one may feel like doing when “under the weather,” it may be one of the most powerful healing tools in our arsenal.


This bout with these bugs comes at a time when I had just committed to smiling more. What a coincidence.





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