Is This the Root of All Your Challenges? Mastery Newsletter Update. February 13, 2015

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Is This the Root of All Your Challenges?


Could our worries, anxieties, fears and even depressions have this at its root?


Could our physical symptoms/conditions/dis-eases have this as a contributing factor at the least?


What is “this?”




Traumas, big and/or small may layer on top of each other until they create one or more of the conditions above.


This is from those therapists and authors who have worked with traumas for year. People like David Berceli who created the Revolutionary Trauma Release Process™


Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma author Peter Levine concurs.


We All Have Trauma


From that book’s introduction:


“The fact is that, over time, a series of seemingly minor mishaps can have a damaging effect on a person. Trauma does not have to stem from a major catastrophe. Some common triggering events include:


* Automobile accident (even fender benders)

* Routine invasive medical procedures

* Loss of loved ones

* Natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes


Even falling off a bicycle can be overwhelming to a child under certain circumstances…almost all of us have experienced some form of trauma, either directly or indirectly.”


Anger After Laughter


An example of how this might work: during my first spring attending Laughter Yoga sessions weekly on a Saturday morning, I always felt joy and fantastic, energetic hopefulness. (this is typical of a Laughter Yoga session, by the way).


Then, all day Sunday, I was angry all day.


This went on for a number of weeks until it resolved itself.


When I went for my Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher training in the summer of 2009, I asked the founder Dr. Madan Kataria about this (He is the medical doctor who started the wildly successful Laughter Yoga clubs in 1995).


Fully Expressing Grief Releases Trauma


He told me that in India, when there is a death in the family, the family expresses their grief, they cry, they wail. They let it all out instead of trapping it in the body as we westerners do.


Westerners tend to hold it in and where we hold it in is in the diaphragm!


During Laughter Yoga, we move the diaphragm rather energetically. This can cause those trapped emotions to surface.


Laughter Yoga Can Clear Trauma…Over Time


The good news is that Laughter Yoga not only brings those emotions to the surface, it also helps to clear them. As I started to attend sessions a few times a week, the anger no longer came up. It had cleared.


Trauma Layers


My understanding is that we all have many traumas large and small, physical and emotional. They can be layered on top of each other. When the anger cleared, the next layer of trauma shows up. Fun times. 🙂


Peeling the Trauma Onion


It is as if these traumas layered on top of each other are like an onion.


Now, the question becomes, how to cut through many layers at once?


Daily Laughter


I now practice laughing at least once a day for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. (Dr. Kataria’s research indicates we need at least that long a period of laughter to get the health and medical benefits of laughter.) That daily practice has helped to continue the peeling of the “trauma onion.”


Trembling Solution to Trauma


Another practice I have started is David Berceli’s Revolutionary Trauma Release Process™


This is artificially create the trembling that children and animals in nature automatically do to release the stress hormones after a traumatic event.


In nature, an example would be a gazelle who just ran and got away from a lion. Berceli’s discovery: about two minutes is enough and then the gazelle carries on with life as it nothing had happened. Animals truly live in the “now.”


Cause or Contributing Factor?


Does it matter? If trauma is present in all of these conditions: PTSD, depression, anxiety, worry, fear, why not clear the trauma and see what happens?


Dis-eases: Can They Clear with Cleared Trauma?


No claims. Let us be clear on that. But, let’s look at how trauma may contribute.


If trauma causes muscles in our body to contract and stay contracted permanently, might this cause less blood flow to those muscles and to some organs, and maybe less nerve connection and less energy or “chi” flow as well?


Nutrition and Energy Missing


Can nerve disconnection, less blood flow and energy flow combine to help create conditions where some parts are just not getting the nutrition and energy required for health?


I don’t think we have to have extended medical training to use our common sense and say: “Hey, maybe that is possible.”


Is Your “River” Dammed Up?


An analogy may be a river that is dammed up. That may create stagnant pools of water where toxins can build up.


Might our bodies have stagnant pools where toxins build up because of trauma?


Proof of the Pudding.


It’s always in the eating, is it not?


Some Experiments to Consider


Laughter Yoga sessions. While contra-indicated for some, many folks just feel joy, happiness, more energy and relaxation at the same time. Maybe it also will start the trauma clearing process.


Other Trauma Release Processes


David Berceli’s book is in the library. See if that makes sense for you.


There are other methods as well. I am researching and will report back as I learn more.


Just Do It


As with anything, this info is only useful if you actually do it, actually start implementing.


Questions? I am delighted to answer any that come up. Feel free to email me.


Love and laughter…and smiles.







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You are important. Not just important, but just as important as any person on the planet, now, in past history or in the future. Everything you say, do and feel has an impact on the universe and everything and everyone in it.





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