Do You Have Deadly Stress? “Voo” to the Rescue. Mastery Newsletter Update February 18, 2015

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Do You Have Deadly Stress? “Voo” to the Rescue


Healing Sexual Trauma at the Same Time



Chronically tight muscles may, over time, actually cause dis-ease.


We are designed to sense danger or threat two ways.


First, our external sense organs evaluate potential threats in our environment. If we see a bear close by, we know we are in danger.


Trauma expert Peter A. Levine tells us the other way we assess threat:


We also assess threat directly from the state of our viscera and our muscles — our internal sense organs. If our muscles are tense, we unconsciously interpret these tensions are foretelling the existence of danger, even when none actually exists. Tight muscles in the neck and shoulders may, for example, signal to the brain that you are likely to be hit…We suffer even greater distress when our guts are persistently overstimulated by the vagus nerve. If we are nauseated, twisted in our guts, feel our muscles collapsing, and lack in energy, we feel helpless and hopeless — even though there is no actual decimating threat. In other words, the churning itself signals grave threat and dread to the brain, even when nothing is currently wrong — at least not externally.”



These intense and heightened muscle tensions are meant to be temporary. If they become permanent, Levine says, “…one is left in acute and, eventually, chronic distress.”



Levine gives one solution. Sounding “Voo” like a foghorn. Imagine being a foghorn leading your spirit out of the fog back home.


Here he is explaining how to do it:



Enjoy the process.


Love and Laughter,






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