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Laughter as Trauma Release


Trauma is something we all have experienced. It affects our everyday lives in various way.


David Berceli, author of The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process™, says: “Consider the fact that life begins traumatically…Bursting into the light for the first time in our existence, our entry into the world is a shock to the human organism…it’s no wonder we begin life by bellowing our lungs out…



…our culture presents us with considerable psycho-emotional trauma—the kind of trauma caused primarily by social conditioning. Situations that threaten our social self such as rejection, shame, fear of failure, and negative judgment by others cause us to react in the same manner as if we were being threatened physically.”


How Illness Results From Trauma


Berceli continues: “There is now evidence that even excess stress, let alone severe trauma, is a factor in a variety of illnesses. These include anxiety disorders, depression, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal troubles, some cancers, and premature aging…


…frequency and severity of migraine headaches, episodes of asthma, and fluctuation of blood sugar in diabetics…more prone to develop colds and other infections than those who are less stressed. This is because stress reduces the efficiency of our immune system, which would normally fight off infection.”


Can Laughter Release Trauma, Tension and Stress?


If you were with me when I started Laughter Yoga during the spring of 2009, you would have been laughing for an hour every Saturday morning and having a great old time.


Angry the Next Day


What you would not have witnessed was me being angry all the next day.


I asked the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria about this. He told me that, in India when a family experiences death of a loved one, they express the emotion of grief by crying and wailing and letting it all out.


We Westeners Hold on to Emotions Rather Than Expressing Them


We tend not to do that in our western society. We hold it in. And where we hold it in is the diaphragm.


In Laughter Yoga sessions, we laugh and move that diaphragm rather dramatically for the better part of an hour.


Trapped Emotions Shaken Loose.


That is what experienced on those Sundays. Emotions that had been trapped for who knows how many years, perhaps decades.


Eventually the Anger No Longer Visited.


The good news is they did shake loose and after some weeks, I was no longer angry the next day.


The better news is I didn’t have to go do therapy sessions or even know what caused the trauma/tension/stress in the first place.


All I Had to do Was Laugh.


The wisdom of my body to know what to do took care of the rest.


The Challenge? Keeping Going.


Trauma and stress can be layered deeply over a lifetime of incidents large and small. When one layer is released, another more deeply embedded layer comes to the surface.



Just Keep Laughing. Trust the Wisdom of Your Body.


Your body knows. No diploma needed. Just keep laughing regularly. Trust that the next layer whatever it is, will release at the proper time and in the most appropriate way.


Other Ways to Release.


Berceli’s Revolutionary Trauma Release Process™ is a particularly powerful way to release.


We must not forget dancing, singing, smiling and a host of other ways.


Trust Your Instincts.


That’s the bottom line. A good place to start is a Laughter Yoga Club. Laughter Yoga, as well as being fun, social and energizing, also helps us to open up to receiving messages from our intuition.


Over to you.


Love, Laughter and Smiles.




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That’s it for now. Enjoy your month.


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