Superb Olive Oil at an Economical Price in Victoria. Matti’s Victoria Newsletter. May 7, 2015

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Neat stuff in Greater Victoria.


Superb Olive Oil at an Economical Price in Victoria


Many of us have been using olive oil for its many health benefits.


Turns out we may not be getting ANY of its benefits because of the scams many producers are involved in.


For details, please read my Special Report on Olive Oil:


Your “Olive Oil” May Be Poisoning You…


Most “Extra Virgin” Olive Oil is Not Even Olive Oil


You buy “extra virgin” olive oil because you believe it’s healthy.


69% of the time, you could be buying something else.


Something that is “rancid, fusty and musty.”


Something that could be mostly soybean oil or peanut oil or canola oil or sunflower oil or any of a number of other cheaper oils.


In the well researched book Extra Virginity, The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, author Tom Mueller points out that 69% of olive oil that is labeled “extra virgin” is not olive oil at all.

Continue reading:



The Good News: Superb Olive Oil at an Economical Price.


Health Essentials at 300 Gorge Road West, just at Tillicum, has a great olive oil: Phileos. It is from a local Greek contact who have family in Greece. It has the qualities that Tom Mueller expounds on in his book.


It has the production date as well.


If memory serves, I paid $13.99 for a whole litre.


To get the same quality, other brands are selling at $31.99 for a half litre!



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Align Your Spine with Yoga: Bending, Twisting and Resting

Do you twist more easily to one side than the other? Do you notice one of your hips is tighter than the other? Is one shoulder lifted higher than the other? If so, you may have an asymmetry or scoliosis curvature in your body.

These yoga workshops focus on pain relief and strengthening.

Sat. May 9 2015 10am-12pm   $30 James Bay Community School Register by phone 250-389-1470

Sat. June 6 1-3:30pm $25 Lake Cowichan Recreation Centre Register by phone: 250-749-6742

For more info see www,



Kick Ass” Aging, Thrive, Rewire and Beat the Aging Myth!


May 26th 6:00 PM – 8:30PM

Investment: $45.00

(Includes a Sunset paddle)

Location: Pacific Paddle, 789 Saunders Lane, Brentwood Bay

Facilitator: Kristina Sisu, Author of “How to Get out of Your Own Way”

Thriving as you age with a holistic approach: how to feed your brain , rewire brain circuits for optimum functioning, and changing limiting beliefs and patterns that we have absorbed from the collective consciousness.

May 30 -31


10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Sunday: 1:00 PM to 5:00PM

Investment: $250.00 (includes Kayaking)

Two day immersion on “Kick Ass” Aging.

To register email:




Energy Psychology conference posted by Leonard Thornton:


We are fortunate to have the Annual Energy Psychology conference here in Victoria from Oct 1-5

Early bird pricing for individuals and groups is available until the end of May.


I personally have used EFT and other forms of Energy Psychology for many years ( and look forward to participating.


More than two dozen published, peer-reviewed, randomized clinical trials show that Energy Psychology interventions are unusually powerful and rapid for a range of conditions.


Clinical evidence and preliminary research suggest that combining “energy” interventions, such as tapping on acupuncture points, with cognitive and other therapeutic approaches is potent. The technique shifts the neural pathways that underlie targeted psychological problems with greater speed and precision than psychological interventions alone.

Love and Laughter,


Gettin’ Higher Choir Concerts coming up in June







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