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Mind Release: Stress Relief


When we humans have the stress hormones operating (cortisol as an example), we have no choice but to scan the environment for danger.


It is a built-in survival function.


When a gazelle is chased by a leopard, all other bodily systems take a back seat to survival. The fight or flight system kicks in. This means all resources are focused on meeting the physical challenge head-on or fleeing to save its life.


When the danger is over, the gazelle (and other animals) shake off the stress hormones and continue on.


Humans have somehow lost that ability.


Now, we have a society with a continuous release of stress hormones all the time. Many of us don’t even remember what it is like to be fully and truly relaxed.


And because those around us are also in the same fight or flight mode, we don’t see how big a problem it is.


This is what is referred to as “chronic” stress.


It means that all other systems are operating sub-par, not efficiently. The digestive system as an example. How can we expect to have good digestion if our bodies are in fight or flight mode?


Rhetorical question: of course we do not digest well and can’t expect it if the stress hormones are running rampant in the body.


Can we see how critical stress release is for our health? How can we expect good health if we are not fully digesting our food?


Further, this mode of operation, always being in “fight or flight” where we have no choice but to scan the environment for threats, can threaten our most precious relationships.


Our partner says something. Being in stress mode, our survival mechanism listens for a threat and often times finds it where none exists.


We respond “defensively.” Off we go to a conflict where none actually existed….except in our minds.



Now, when my partner (or anyone) says anything that triggers a thought that seems negative, I ask myself if my responsive thought is because of me being in fight or flight mode, without even realizing it?


I make the assumption that my mind is in that mode, smile, relax, maybe chant the Ho’Oponopono chant and release my response.


Some may call it bringing “mindfulness” to the situation.


I prefer to think of it as “Mind Release.”


It is an ongoing challenge and I am more successful at times and not so much at other times.


Try out “Mind Release” the next time you find yourself reacting to a statement from your partner…or anyone.


Let me know how it goes.



Love, Laughter, Smiles,





P.S. Ho’Oponopono chant: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”



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