Childlike Playfulness as Healer and “Deprogrammer”. Mastery Newsletter. June 3, 2015

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Childlike Playfulness as Healer and “Deprogrammer”

“Creativity is not the possession of some special talent. It’s about the willingness to play.” — John Cleese

This willingness to play may be our saviour.

In Laughter Yoga, we make pretend we are children and chant “Very good, very good, yay!”

It seems and is silly, but it connects us with our creativity.

It is this willingness to play that opens up not only our creativity, but also our freedom.

Here’s how.

We get messages daily from the media that the world is a dangerous place. The “powers that be” have a vested interest in keeping us connected to fear.

If we fear terrorism, they can create laws that supposedly protect us, but in fact, take away human rights.

If we fear dis-ease, they can sell us drugs.

Fear is a useful emotion. In case of life and death situations, it can guide us away from danger.

If we have constant fear, however, we restrict our creativity and our healing powers.

When we hold on to emotions rather than allowing them to flow through us, we get stuck physically as well. Muscles tighten. Blood flow and nerve flow and energy flow are restricted.

Childlike playfulness can help to release fears (and traumas).

Children wear their emotions on their sleeves. Adults, not so much. We are taught (manipulated?) to “suck it up” and not be childish.

By allowing emotions to flow, being silly, seeing the humour in situations, we activate joy.

In this joyful state, we are more likely to have the “feel good” hormones flowing and not have the stress hormones in play.

The feel good hormones allows our immune systems and endocrine and digestive systems operating more optimally.

The stress hormones basically shut down all other systems besides the survival “fight or flight” system.

By playing more, we gain joy and help to release not only trauma, but fear also.
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