Don’t Play Russian Roulette With Your Health and Your Life. Mastery Newsletter. June 10, 2015

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Don’t Play Russian Roulette With Your Health and Your Life

Try making money when your health is devastated by dis-ease.

Try enjoying life when you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

All the money in the world means nothing…without health.

Having energy and vitality is a base-line requirement to being able to fully participate in life and truly to “suck the marrow out of the bone” as it were.

So, it is a puzzle why everyone is not making it their number one job to study health and vitality.

The “default setting” for many seems to be: “I will let my doctor worry about it.”

Why does that not work?

  • Doctors, bless their souls, are faced with an impossible task. Here is my jurisdiction, they are only given 15 minutes to see a patient. Anything over that and they are working for free.
  • Their “Modus Operandus” seems to be: Wait until symptoms show up, then address those symptoms, usually with drugs, surgery or some other dramatic response.
  • Often times, the prescription carries “side effects.” All you have to do is tune into American TV and see the ads for prescription drugs to hear of the many side effects, some quite serious, even possible death is sometimes listed. (Those ads are banned in Canada.)
  • There is little time for doctors to give proactive prevention suggestions, even when they are trained for it. Only a small fraction of their education hours is given to nutrition, as an example.
  • The medical system’s track record for solving modern maladies leaves something to be desired. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes are all on the rise. One in three is expected to get some form of cancer in their lives. Imagine playing Russian Roulette with your life and cancer. Here, have this pistol. It has three chambers. I have put a bullet in one of those chambers. Now, roll the chamber, cock the trigger, place the gun against your head and pull the trigger. In effect, this is what you are doing by relying on the medical system as it stands.

The system’s track record for heart health and diabetes is not much better.

No one cares as much about your health as you do.

It us up to each of us to take care of our bodies as well as our minds, emotions and yes, our spiritual selves.

“Health is the True Wealth.” –Mahatma Ghandi

What are you doing to develop and improve your health and life?

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