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Conquering Fear


  1. Fear is a natural state designed to protect us from harm
  2. Constant fear creates a state of chronic stress.
  3. Chronic stress shuts down our immune system and digestion.
  4. This ongoing stress can cause health issues, and
  5. Relationship issues.
  6. When in chronic stress, we literally have no choice but to look for negatives and ignore positives in our lives.
  7. Laughter, Smiling, Breathing and Posture help to release stress and bring us back to balance.


Fear is a survival mechanism that Nature or the Creator has supplied us with in order to escape or overcome life threatening situations.


When we are attacked, fear arises along with a host of hormones designed to give us the best chance of fighting back or running away in order to preserve ourselves from death or injury.


In the animal kingdom, when a gazelle runs from the leopard, all of its internal resources are focused on running.


When the gazelle escapes, it spends a couple of minutes trembling to release the “fight or flight” hormones and then goes about its business as if nothing had happened.


We humans, being so much more advanced and refined, don’t tend to do that. Instead, we hang on to that state of fight or flight.


This is what is meant by the term “chronic stress.” The stress hormones, such as cortisol, have a purpose. That purpose is survival.


When we do not release stress, our system is in continual fight or flight mode.


So what, you may say.


Here’s what. All other systems basically shut down. That means our immune system which is tasked with fighting off viruses, bacteria and other invaders, is not able to do its job well. Hence, colds and flus ensue.


Our digestion is shut down. There is no need to digest food when we are battling for our lives against a saber tooth tiger.


What good is it to eat nourishing food if the digestive process is shut down?


Chronic stress also impacts our relationships.


When we are in fight or flight mode, we scan the environment for threats to our lives.


Do you know any “negative” people? Those who are continually finding fault with others and everything in their lives?


Can you appreciate that they have no choice? Indeed, you and I have no choice either.


It is nature’s survival mechanism at work. When we perceive threat, as we must when in fight or flight mode, we have no choice but to look for threats (negatives) in our immediate environment.


Is it any wonder then that relationships suffer? Two partners who are “stressed out” are instinct driven to look for faults in the other. How does this serve the relationship?


So, it is critical to our physical health and our relationship health to release the stress hormones.


This is what conquering fear is all about: releasing stress.




The answer may be different for each of us. Here is what I use and this is an ongoing process.


Laughter. A ten to fifteen minute laughter session floods the system with the “feel-good” hormones such as endorphins. Stress hormones are crowded out as they cannot co-exist in the body with endorphins. (This is simplified, but you get the idea.)


Smiling. What is called the “Duchesne” smile involves not just the mouth smiling, but also crinkling the edges of the eyes.


Breathing. Taking three long, slow, deep breaths and letting them out slowly often will calm the system down.


Posture. This is a study in and of itself, but basically, a we adopt a natural erect stance, we tend to open up the lungs, breathe easier and access a more relaxed yet powerful energy within ourselves.


There are many other ways. Exercise, meditation, visualization and a host of other systems also help to release stress.


My book The Zen of Joy has 24 protocols or simple practices that take only minutes a day and, over time, can create lasting relief from the stressors or everyday life.







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Matti Anttila, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. Zen of Joy Consultant and Author of: The Zen of Joy. How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness & Success.


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You are important. Not just important, but just as important as any person on the planet, now, in past history or in the future. Everything you say, do and feel has an impact on the universe and everything and everyone in it.





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