Your Thoughts and Your Attitude Can Have a Powerful Effect in Treating Minor and Major Disease. Part 1. Mastery Newsletter. August 5, 2015.

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Your Thoughts and Your Attitude Can Have a Powerful Effect in Treating Minor and Major Disease. Part 1.


“Don’t Deny the Diagnosis. Try to Defy the Verdict.”


Author and Researcher Norman Cousins said that. He should know. He defied the odds in 1964 when he was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondilytis. Many died from it as it is so painful that it prevents sleep in numbers of cases.


With the cooperation of his doctor, Cousins brought himself back to health. Laughter was only one of the many tools he brought to bear.


(Sidenote: Cousins book, Anatomy of an Illness as Experienced by the Patient, was the inspiration for Dr. Madan Kataria to found Laughter Yoga.)


Writing in Head First, the Biology of Hope, Cousins outlines the results of his ten years of research at UCLA on the power of the individual to affect outcomes of disease conditions.


Here are his conclusions in a report to Dean Kenneth I. Shine, MD.


“The human body is far more robust than people have been led to believe. Public education in health matters has tended to make people overestimate their weaknesses and underestimate their strengths. The result is that we are in danger of becoming a nation of weaklings and hypochondriacs.


Franz Ingelfinger’s estimate that 85 percent of all illnesses are self-limiting should serve as the cardinal fact in the reeducation of the American people, just as it should dictate a restrained method of treatment, especially with respect to medication.”


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