A Great Wine for under $10. Matti’s Victoria Newsletter. August 7, 2015

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Neat stuff in Greater Victoria.


For all Wine Lovers: A Great Wine for under $10.


Impossible, you say?


This wine is reputed to be the house wine at the only seven star restaurant in the world. It is from Spain. Cook Street Village Voice indicated it was in the $12 range and only at private stores.


I went to the BCDLB store and sure enough, they did not have it on the shelves. It is only available by ordering a case of 12.


Masia F Tempranillo is the name and it comes in at $9.60 per bottle. Certainly on a par with my favourites: the Argentinian Malbecs that range from $12-15 and beyond.


Who knows how long it can stay at that price with the Cdn Dollar having slid from $.95 US to below $.75 now.


Check it out.



100% Chocolate, Made in Victoria: Sirene.


The owner, Taylor, is usually at Moss Street Market on Saturdays.


He has sourced the cacao from growers he knows in Ecuador, Madagascar and Guatemala.


Great taste in the 72%. If you have never tasted 100% chocolate, it is a rich experience. I have loved that, but up until now, it was only available from overseas. I sourced mine from the UK. Great to see a local supplier now.




For Cheese Lovers


Ottavio Deli on Oak Bay Avenue has Swiss Emmental (my fave) at $2.95 for 100 grams. Great price.



Local Naturopath for Cancer Patients


Dr. Neil McKinney has written the book on how to integrate the medical system’s approach to cancer with the naturopathic approach. Well researched and scientifically backed up. http://vitalvictoria.ca/about-us/dr-neil-mckinney



Support for Those with Cancer. Free at Inspire Health.




I hold weekly classes in Laughter Yoga there.




Medicine and Food from Sea & Land Workshop


Join Don Ollsin, Angela Willard and Yarrow Willard on Pender Island, August 29 & 30, 2015 for an informative and fun weekend exploring the land and sea and learn what you can use for food and medicine.


Saturday: Seaweeds are a miracle food. Bringing seaweed into our daily lives is advantageous to our well-being for many reasons.


Sunday: An exciting, hands on workshop about the culinary, medicinal and spiritual use of local herbs.


Time: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm


Limited to 30 people so sign up early!

  • Register Now! $150.00






Victoria August Events


Lots to do in Victoria during summer. (The Flamenco looks great). Check here for ideas: http://www.tourismvictoria.com/events/festivals/



Local Victoria Internet Provider


For those who are fed up enough with the large ISPs. https://juce.ca/




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