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Is writing 80 books in about two decades productive enough?


That is how many Dr. Deepak Chopra has written up to 2015 according to Wikipedia.


So what? What does that have to do with me?


Well, do you believe motivational speaker and author tony Robbins when he says: If you want to find out how to master a skill, find someone who is doing it and model them?


If so, “success leaves clues.”


Let’s look for the clues in Chopra’s life.


First, I read that he spends two hours first thing in the morning meditating and doing his “spiritual stuff.”


Maybe that is a clue.


Most folks don’t believe that spending 20 minutes twice a day during their already busy lives is going to make them more productive…never mind two hours a day!


In fact, most folks probably think that is a waste of time. That’s close to one hour a day I could use in “more productive” activities, they may think.


Yet, how many books have most folks written over the last two decades?


I wrote one (The Zen of Joy It took me thirteen months.


Meantime, one of Chopra’s books was written, in its entirety basically, during one airplane flight!


What is the difference?


Does meditation open you up to a more intuitive way of operating in the world?


Does meditation “create more time?”


Does meditation put us into partnership with the infinite source of all the universe?


Does meditation plug us into all that is and enable us to just channel information and energy?


Is that what happened when Chopra wrote a whole book during one airplane flight? That the book downloaded itself into Chopra?


(Should he be sharing his royalties with the universe?)


Will we ever know these answers?


If we meditate, will we find these answers?


If we meditate, can we also become as productive as Chopra in our own chosen fields? (Not all of us are authors).


In a quest to find answers to these kinds of questions, I am now meditating daily.


I guess I will see what happens.


At the least, daily meditation is helping to stabilize my energy more and more.


If you are intrigued, there are lots of ways to begin meditation.


Here is a meditation from The Zen of Joy:




The Ho’Oponopono meditation goes like this.




Sit comfortably. I like to think of a silk strand attached to the top of my head at the back suspending my spine. Visualize the individual vertebrae being like pearls suspended on a string.  Ensure a good posture that allows for relaxation of your muscles as much as possible.  Focus also on relaxing the muscles around the eyes, the mouth, jaw and neck.


Take a big breath and sigh it out. I find that a good preparation as it helps to relax the system even more.  You may choose to do protocol #1 to get connected to the Inner Smile.  Now, this is a series of 7 breaths. You may keep your eyes open or closed or, my preference, halfway closed, so I am still aware of my surroundings but not captivated by them.


Here is one way of keeping track of the number of breaths. Place your thumb on the end of your index finger for breath one. For breath two, move your thumb to the next finger. For breath three, the ring finger and breath four the pinkie. Start again at the index finger for breath five, six and seven.


Each breath consists of four parts.  Breathe in through the nose for a gentle count of 7, hold for a count of 7, breathe out for a count of 7 and hold for a count of 7. That is one breath.  Now the thumb moves to the next knuckle (the inner knuckle of the finger next to the forefinger) for breath #2. Continue until 7 breaths are complete.


It helps to have the Inner Smile in place, but is not essential as the Inner Smile can arise on its own during this process.  Your focus is on the breath.  This is an easy and gentle way to discover and or deepen your meditation practice.


You don’t have to in any way worry about your thoughts. Just let thoughts do what they do.  As you focus on your breath, you may find the “Witness.” The witness notices the thoughts but is not attached to them.  No need to go looking for the witness or wonder where it is. There is no need to do anything except breathe in the prescribed manner.


If you find your mind wandering and lose focus on the breath, be assured that this is normal and absolutely fine. It is important not to kick youself for lack of focus. Just gently bring yourself back to noticing the breath.  It’s as simple as that.


The benefits of this meditation are its simplicity and its minimum requirement for any great amount of discipline. It calms your system and does it fairly quickly.  It also takes little time. That is one of the main factors in the Zen of Joy. The protocols all need very little of your day to practice and get the benefits.  Each breath takes me about 20 seconds. Therefore seven of them equals about 140 seconds, or 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Let’s call it 2 and a half minutes. Twice a day is 5 minutes.




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You are important. Not just important, but just as important as any person on the planet, now, in past history or in the future. Everything you say, do and feel has an impact on the universe and everything and everyone in it.





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