Getting Rid of “Hidden Programming” That Sabotages Our Lives. Mastery Newsletter September 23, 2015

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Tapping Into Wealth. Book by Margaret Lynch.


I’m on chapter 11 of this wonderful work. See if this reverberates in you. I am feeling more joyous about life in the present moment and having “excited curiosity” about what life will bring me going forward.


Here is what her website says:


The Five Kinds of Money That Create Your Whole Wealth Paradigm


Margaret Lynch is The Wealth Manifestation Authority – whose speciality is the inner-work that manifests outer wealth…


In this 9-minute, no-cost video Margaret will arm you/empower you with the insight, knowledge, and wisdom to shatter that inner-wealth-glass-ceiling:


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You will learn:


   How your “hidden programming” is specifically blocking and limiting your money, cash flow, and wealth manifestation…

   Why you are trapped at an “inner-wealth-glass-ceiling” no matter how hard you try…even if you are hard-working, talented, and heart-centered, deserving people…

   The Five Kinds of Money that create your inner-wealthglass-ceiling,

   The three Mind-Body components that support each kind of money

   The Mind-Body tool to free yourself and transform your whole wealth paradigm


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