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Yes, it is true. I, like all other humans on the planet, make my decisions based on emotions and back it up with logic.


You will note my previous headline:


“Climate Change Proponents Are an Emotional Lot” was immediately followed by a subhead: “But then, so are we all.”



I plead guilty to making my decisions emotionally. In fact, the use of intuition is what has always sorted geniuses such as Einstein from the rest of the “scientific” pack.


I put quotation marks around “scientific” as so much of what is claimed to be science is faux science, or so called scientists setting out to prove their theory any way they can. (see Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Body for a great expose’ by a former research scientist on how “science” currently cowtows to money. In other words, to get funding, often the results of the study has to be agreed upon beforehand. funtimes)



My previous newsletter received a detailed, thoughtful and in depth response from Steve S. Thank you Steve:




Dear Matti,

This must needs have a response.

Bjorn Lomborg has been very well discredited. As you indicate your report was “a number of years ago now.” This is a long story a small bit of which I will tell only by links. Not all the links of are equal quality. One of Lomborg’s significant discreditors is another Dane, the biologist Kåre Fog.

Kåre Fog made a complaint to the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (Udvalgene vedrørende Videnskabelig Uredelighed) who ruled: “the book [The Skeptical Environmentalist] to be scientifically dishonest through misrepresentation of scientific facts, but Lomborg himself not guilty due to his lack of expertise in the fields in question.” The governing Ministry annulled the report for procedural errors but the Committees concluded that a review would come to the same conclusion.

Many others have detailed Lomborg’s errors, such as the Union of Concerned Scientists:

Fog now has a dedicated website for this purpose:

As you will see, Fog aims at Al Gore as well.

Other links to read:


Has lots of links to other articles:

Bjorn Lombard admits to Global Warming:

“In April 2015 Lomborg gained further attention as a climate contrarian when he issued a call for all subsidies to be removed from fossil fuels on the basis that `a disproportionate share of the subsidies goes to the middle class and the rich’…making fossil fuel so `inexpensive that consumption increases, thus exacerbating global warming.’ ” (Wikipedia)

A number of “celebrities and respected journalists” travelled to areas of the world that were regarded as being particularly subject to climate change and met with scientists that were deeply involved with climate change research and all this is featured in a documentary, “Years of Living Dangerously”:

A Canadian Evangelical Christian woman scientist, Dr. Katharine Heyhoe, who is one of the core climate change calculators is featured in this video. You can also read about her here (and elsewhere):

Demark is farthest ahead with utilizing wind energy ( @ 20.40 minutes)!

Heyhoe in “Years of Living Dangerously”:


27 minutes,

38 minutes,

39:50 “What frustrates me and what actually makes me angry is not when people disagree with me. What makes me angry is when I see people who I know know better deliberately lying to people about this issue.”


By reviewing these, you will see that the climate change deniers are an emotional, and hateful, lot   🙂

In all these Katharine does a good job of making a moral argument (even if one is not a Christian) and in this interview identifying the reasons for climate denial:

Katharine Heyhoe has made a powerful statement many times, such as in the above interview that “For many of us, the people we trust are telling us that climate change is a hoax,” or elsewhere that `we were misled by those we trusted.’

Calling climate change proponents “an emotional lot” is virtually ad hominem, and very dismissive, using emotion to support a side, rather than reason, so, tit for tat 😉

In divine friendship,

Steve S”




Whew, one would think it demolishes my arguments.


Perhaps. But one must remember, I made my decision emotionally, so attempting to change my mind with logic doesn’t work. Hah!


I did have a look at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) article on this. However, despite a fancy sounding name, the UCS appears not above reproach and may well have a political axe to grind:


‘Union of Concerned Scientists’ Are Charlatans


So what are ya going to do?


I know what my choice is: Intuition. Trumps logic every time.


And my intuition tells me that climate change alarmists are just that, alarmists.


In my experience, that truth has usually been found somewhere in between the extreme viewpoints.


A different perspective may look something like this:


The “powers that be” like to keep us in fear. That way, it is easy to sell us their ideas, their products and services.


That is how the Cold War was played. As a young person, I was morbidly afraid of the Soviets sending nuclear bombs to all the major cities of North America. That fear was so strong, you could have cut it with a knife in the population of the U.S and Canada.


Author Tom Robbins said it best: “The state of the world is desperate…as usual.”


Undoing the fear seems to be the first job. Easier said than done. The propaganda, PR and dismal drumbeat of woe is so woven into our daily lives, it is a major task to release the fear.


But, unless and until we do that, all our thought processes and therefore actions are coloured by fear.


And guess what, we don’t tend to make good decisions when in highly emotional state…such as fear.


Global Alarmists have been “whipped up into a frenzy” as has been noted by one commentator. It is akin to a religion now.


They claim the science is settled, much like the Spanish Inquisition knew for certain about their religion.


Woe betide anyone who dares to claim there is even a debate. “THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED” is the cry from the Alarmists who try to drown out opposing debate.


My intuition tells me there is something fishy about it all.


Mark Twain said when you find yourself agreeing with the majority, it is time to pause and reconsider. 🙂




I respect the opinion of all. I also suspect that there are few on the planet who have not been subject to propaganda and are working under its influence…me included.


Still working to root out my fears,








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