Really Great Olive Oil, Really Cheap. Matti’s Victoria Newsletter January 8, 2016

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Neat Stuff For My Greater Victoria Friends, Fiends And Roustabouts.


This Month:


– Really Great Olive Oil, Really Cheap


– Really Great Cell Phone Service, Really Cheap


– Really Great Choir Concert this Month, and


– Really Great Yogurt from a Comox Provider


And, if I say so myself, that is a Really Great Lineup of Articles, so dive right in,



Really Great Olive Oil, Really Cheap


Hermes Brand Olive Oil at the Persian Deli at the SE corner of Quadra and Reynolds. (If you are heading up Quadra towards McKenzie, it is on the right and Reynolds is the street you turn right on, it is the last street before McKenzie. )


$25.99 for 3 litres. This kind of quality I have seen for $31.99 for half a litre. ($191.94 for 3 litres!)


The devil is in the details. You can’t compare this oil with other so called olive oils.


“So called” because reports now indicate most olive oils, even ones labeled “extra virgin” and/or “organic,” are not even olive oil or only contain tiny amounts of real olive oil.


CBS 60 Minutes reported on this last Sunday and my Mastery Newsletter has a report on it this week: details here:


Is YOUR Olive Oil Real…or is it Mafia Oil? Mastery Newsletter January 6, 2016


You can watch the 60 Minutes Expose on how the Mafia has infiltrated the olive oil business from farm to fork, as author Tom Mueller puts it.


If you have an event you want me to include, see the submission guidelines at the bottom


Really Great Cell Phone Service, Really Cheap


Public Mobile you won’t see advertised.


I was with PC Mobile from Superstore as it was the best I could find.


PC Mobile $39 a month:

500 minutes/month, unlimited international texting & 200MB Data


Public Mobile $30 a month

Unlimited BC wide calling, Canada wide texting, 333 MB Data.

Plus, I get $2 off per month for going on autopay.


Even though I have to pay about $100 to end my 2 year contract with PC Mobile, it still works out to a saving over the remainder of my contract.


(Calculations: PC Mobile $39 + BC taxes = $43.68/month

Public Mobile $28 + BC taxes = $31.36


Savings $12.32 a month x 12 months = $147.84 saving over next 12 months


Even paying out my PC Mobile contract, I save about $47 over the next 12 months and then $147.84 every year from then on)


A friend referred me to Public Mobile and he gets a referral fee of $1 off his monthly bill every month…as long as I stay with them.


Now, all I have to do is get 28 folks to sign up and my cell phone bill will be ZERO. Regardless $147.84 per year is $1,478.40 over the next decade.


Is It Worth It For You?


You would need to calculate it if you have expensive phone (mine is only $180) and you will have time on your contract.


If your contract is over, then you will save money.


By the way, you can pick and choose what you want in the way of services.


For example, if you add Canada wide calling it adds $16 a month to the bill.


But there is no need for that, as you can have free Canada and US calling with an app from Google Voice, inside your Gmail account.


If you add international texting it adds $6 a month.


For 1.3GB of data, it would cost you $40 a month ($38 if on autopay)


You can play with the options here:


Referral Reward


If you go for this, do let me know so I can get the referral fee.


Use my number when registering: 250-477-8608.


Postscript: is a great way to save huge amounts of money on international calls. (You don’t need it for Canada or the US as those calls are free with Google Voice.)


Example, calling to cell phones in Europe is ridiculously expensive. Skype charges 10 cents a minute to UK mobiles and 20.8 cents for Finland.


Calling is 3 cents UK and 4.7 cents Finland. Similar savings across the board.



Really Great Choir Concert in January


Gettin’ Higher Choir in support of the Power of Hope

January 29th and 30th.



Really Great Yogurt from a Comox Provider


Comox Valley yogurt company strikes it big (This is REALLY GOOD yogurt)



Laughter Yoga in Victoria. 3 times, 3 locations…loads of fun.




Love and Laughter,


Matti Anttila, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. Zen of Joy Consultant and Author of:


* The Zen of Joy. How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness & Success.


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The Single Most Important Habit to Acquire


(Also no-cost Mastery Newsletter)






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