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Life coaches are popular these days…seems there are many of them to choose from.


But what about a Health Coach?

-Naturopaths have all the training that your General Practitioner has and more on top of that.

-Toxic food like sugar can FEEL good because of the adrenaline the body produces when it recognizes a toxin entering the system.

-Even top athletes have coaches

-A naturopath, like a sport coach, can often see what we are too close to see ourselves.


I decided I needed one, so I interviewed a few naturopaths.


Now, I had some experience with naturopaths before. When I had NSU (Non Specific Urethritis) it was a naturopath who helped me.


NSU is an inflammation of the water works…the urethra. I had it for 7 years. The symptoms would pop up every year and every year I went to a doctor.


On the seventh time, I asked what is this thing that keeps coming back. The answer from my doctor at the time was: “We think it is one of 7 different viruses. We’re not sure. Just come back every year for your antibiotic.




That did not seem like any kind of long term solution to me. What? You don’t know what it is? Just resign myself to having it and getting antibiotics every year?


That’s when I went to see Dr. Kirkbride in Nanaimo. He gave me some electric heat treatment and a herbal tea to drink. He diagnosed it as a “touch of nephritis.” That is inflammation of the kidneys.


It took some weeks, but the symptoms went away AND NEVER CAME BACK!


This was an ah hah moment. So regular medical system doctors don’t know everything, eh? Interest.


This event initiated a multi-decade and life long study of the many aspects of health.


It’s been a wonderful journey, with lots of dead-ends along with lots more ah-hah moments. And always with more to learn.


And even more to unlearn. So much of what is thought of as common sense, often I have found the opposite to be true.


Here is one example and it is a tricky one to navigate.


Some times I hear someone say things like: I just pay attention to my body. It gives me feedback.


That seems to make sense, doesn’t it?


Here’s the problem. If we take in toxins, sometimes it feels good.


The process goes something like this. Sugar is a good example. White sugar is a pure chemical C12 H22 O11. Pure chemical, not a food.


The history of sugar as outlined in William Dufty’s landmark work SUGAR BLUES from the 1970s. One thousand years ago, Arab doctor would use sugar as the most powerful medicine of last resort. When all else failed to cure a disease, they would administer 2-3 GRAINS of sugar and the patient would rally.


2-3 grains!


How much do we consume now? Well it used to be around a hundred pounds a year per capita 100 years ago. With the advent of the Big Gulp, we are now around 150 pounds per person per year.


How many grains of this powerful drug are we taking? Make no mistake. It IS a drug and a very potent one.


There is lots of research showing its detrimental effects. I am sure you have seen some of that…including the obesity epidemic and the cancer epidemic…for cancer feeds of sugar.


We know that intellectually. We know sugar is no good for us, yet we continue to take it.


Number one…it is addictive because it lands in the same landing spots in the brain as heroin.


But…and this is the point of why we need to careful about “paying attention to my body…


When a foreign substance of any sort, like sugar, enters the body, the body, in its wisdom, recognizes it as a toxin and sends what are called macrophages to attach, encircle and eliminate it from the body.


So far, so good? Well yes, EXCEPT during the process of the creation of macrophages, the body also produces adrenalin!


And what does adrenalin do? Among other things it makes us feel good. We have energy coursing through our system. Of course we feel good.


So, we take in a toxin, our body’s macrophages attack the toxin, we get a shot of adrenalin and we feel good. So, we make the conclusion that the toxin is good for us.


Can you see how our mind can be tricked in this way?


This is where a health coach can come in and give us unbiased and researched information.


I, for one, know about this, yet have still been consuming too much sugar.


My new health coach is a naturopath, Dr. Kevin Jackson. He is giving me info that I may have on the fringes of my thoughts. He is holding it in front of my face and encouraging me to take action that will have long term health benefits.


Naturopaths, by the way, have gone through the same medical training as allopathic doctors. They have the same rigorous training for the same number of years. Then they study further to see how to use non-invasive agents and therapies to produce a more healthful, energetic and vibrant result for their clients, without the use of toxic drugs.


Look, even the best athletes have coaches. Tiger Woods has a coach.


Why would we not want to do the same? Our long term health is the beneficiary.





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