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The Myth That You Don’t Need Supplements


This Documentary can be viewed online, without cost, but only until February 26th.


I viewed it last night. It is very good and may well help to increase your joy, energy and health.


I believe when we open up to our potential the world changes, dramatically and for the better. We can experience more joy, abundant energy and vibrant health and strength.


Enjoy the viewing.


First, some words from Dr. Mercola:



That Vitamin Movie,” created by award-winning producer and director Michael Beattie, features a long list of vitamin experts and health professionals in the complementary medicine field — including yours truly — discussing the healing potential of vitamins.


Beattie was inspired to make this film after Trevor, a close friend of three decades, told him he’d turned his life around; finally getting a handle on the depression that had plagued him. Removing sugar from his diet was the first step. Taking niacin (vitamin B3), was the second.


This tip was something Trevor had gleaned from watching the film, “Food Matters,” in which Andrew Saul, Ph.D. talks about the usefulness of niacin in the treatment of depression.


His curiosity peaked, Beattie then heard about cases of people being brought back from the brink of death with the use of high-dose vitamin C, and how many chronic diseases appear to be outgrowths of various nutrient deficiencies.


But if vitamins are so effective for treating disease, including mental disorders like depression, why aren’t doctors prescribing them instead of drugs? Together with Trevor, Beattie set out to investigate the truth of the matter. -Dr. Mercola

Documentary Sheds Light on the Benefits of Vitamins






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