Apples and Massage on Sale: Matti’s Victoria Newsletter March 3, 2016

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Neat Stuff For My Greater Victoria Friends, Fiends And Roustabouts.


Apples on sale: Thrifty’s has Red Delicious for $1.69 this week. I loaded up with a big bag. Nice and crunchy.


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Laughter Yoga Leader: The New You?

Announcing: Laughter Yoga Leader Training and Zen of Joy Boot Camp


Coming up: Weekend of March 12 and 13. Details:



Massage Inexpensive and Good


Regular massage can get expensive. Even though we may know it is healing, we can shy away because of the expense.


Solution: West Coast School of Massage on Broughton Street in Victoria.


I went and the student I had was quickly able to narrow in on specific muscles that were tight that I did not even know about. Going back in two weeks.


They are a school, so cost is quite reasonable. $33.50. And they reduce that if you bring 3 cans for the food bank.



I Have More Humility Than You Do 🙂


The director has me in her office and hands me the feedback sheets from participants at their intro sessions.

I wowed them with my 15 minute talk about Laughter Yoga. After all, I used my Toastmasters experience to craft a wonderful, engaging, informative and interactive session.


Or so I thought…



Because All of Us Deserve to Feel Confident

That’s what Toastmasters offers.

I joined a couple of years ago and now they have me mentoring. I feel more like a mentor, but then we teach what we need to learn.

My mentee has done 3 talks now, so they gave me a certificate. Go figure.

20160301 Matti TM Mentor

Oak Bay Toastmasters info:



Joy is getting popular

The “Authentic Joy” video is being downloaded about once a day on average now. I wish I could figure out why. It’s been up there for years.


Maybe it’s all the social media. I hang out in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkenIn even. Daily, for the most part. Maybe it takes years to get noticed.


I am not complaining. What you can do is laugh along with me on the video. It’s certainly fun. Also comes with my 108 Tips for More Joy, Energy and Health weekly e-course.


Check it out here:



​”When we open to our potential, the world changes…

dramatically and for the better.”


P.S. Making Sauerkraut. Do you have some knowledge/wisdom on which kind of a crock to buy? If so, let me know. Thanks and much appreciated.


Love, Laughter and Smiles,


Matti Anttila

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Author of:

The Zen of Joy.

How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness & Success.

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Complimentary “How Joyous Are You?” Questionnaire, and

The 7 Step Zen of Joy Coaching Video Program.

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