The Reason Why There is so Much Confusion in the Media about Vitamins. Mastery Newsletter March 16 , 2016

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“Vitamin E is Good for You.”

“Latest Research: Too Much Vitamin E is Bad for You.”

Is it any wonder folks throw up their hands and say the heck with it.

It’s just too confusing.

Guess what?

It’s designed that way. That is exactly what they want folks to do.

“They” would not want us to be healthy. There is too much profit

in keeping us ill and consuming drugs.


“The pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest industries in the world.

It’s a trillion dollar industry. It is the number one lobbyist in

Washington D.C. and the state capitols. It gives $2.6 billion–twice

what oil and gas give to our political leaders.

The pharmaceutical industry gives four times to our politicians

what defense and aeronautical contractors do.

This is an industry that has complete possession of our

politicians at Capitol Hill.” -Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

(my bolding)


It is a plan to get us confused so we can justify throwing up our

hands and saying: “One study contradicts the other. What’s the point?

I’m just going to ignore it all and ‘just eat healthy'”
They have the reporters parroting the drug company releases

and believing the “Big Pharma” shills (paid or otherwise).


The science on vitamin C is undeniable, yet ‘health specialists’

(lamestream media reporters) ignore the facts.


Here is a good article showing how what we get from the

media about health is so distorted, it is dangerous.


It is now well-established that individuals with highest blood

levels of vitamin C simply live the longest.




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