Are You the Inner Circle Type? Mastery Newsletter March 30, 2016

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Mastery Newsletter’s Inner Circle moved to a Secret Group on Facebook this past week.


It is a place to explore more controversial issues and delve deeper into topics than we have time, energy or inclination for in Mastery Newsletter.


To join this group is by invitation only. Send me an email to apply for membership:


To see if you may be interested, here are some recent topics posted there:



7 Massive Misconceptions Many Never Question


Pressure to censor VAXXED documentary at Tribeca Film Festival came from the Nazi-linked Sloan Foundation, headed by CFR member Paul Joskow


Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes In Vaccines All Found Murdered


California bans commercial crab fishing due to excessive radiation in seafood


The Quran’s deadly role in inspiring Belgian slaughter


CDC destroyed vaccine documents, congressman reveals


SCIENCE FACT: The U.S. government has paid out $3 billion to vaccine-injured families


The US will get a new form of government before 2025, unless Hilary Clinton gets in. Then it is delayed by a decade.


Roughly one-quarter of the American working-age population is currently unemployed, a figure that matches the unemployment rate during the Great Depression.


Climate Scientists Jump Ship as CO2 Theory Collapses


BASF, one of the big-six pesticide and GMO corporations, has announced that it is closing GMO testing sites in Hawaii, India, and Puerto Rico. The company cited poor performance of GMO products as the reason for downsizing.


Republican National Committee Confirms Rules Changed to Prevent Trump from Winning Republican Nomination


Poland says no to immigrants following Brussels attacks. Officials: the call for open borders is suicidal philosophy.


The View Hosts Admit Trump Was Right About Brussels: “I Can’t Believe It, He Seems Reasonable”


So much for “freedom of the press” See how CBS buckled under threat of a lawsuit by Monsanto.


ISIS Takes the Capital of the European Union


How an invisible government manipulates the habits and opinions of democratic societies. A World War Has Begun


The Brussels Attack – Another False Flag?


BBC journalist comes clean, says “trust nothing you read or watch”


ISIS terrorists planned to unleash a nuclear holocaust in Brussels… hundreds of nuclear facilities in USA now vulnerable thanks to total lack of border security




If these topics are not too “far out” and you can handle the heat, the Sturm und Drang,

email me to apply for membership in the Inner Circle Secret Group by email:

NB: You need to be on Facebook to join this Secret Group.

If you have resisted Facebook, just know that you are not required to have any more contacts than just me, if you choose. You don’t have to participate in anything else, other than receiving the Inner Circle.




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