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That is what describes the sensation and feeling of week 3 of the Iceman course.


Wow. I am blown away. What I have been searching for and moving toward all my life. (but then I feel that about every new discovery 🙂 )


Main Points:


  • The Iceman, Wim Hof, has gained control of his autonomic nervous system and his immune system
  • He trained 12 others to do the same and they were tested by researchers
  • It is a trainable skill
  • More energy, more immunity against colds, flus and other conditions
  • Wim’s system includes breathing and cold showers
  • Cold showers are hard work
  • We are meant to work harder as we age
  • By contributing more, we gain more energy, health, joy and happiness


The Iceman is Wim Hof who has defied conventional thinking and gained control of his autonomic nervous system. The medical texts say that is impossible.


Further, he trained 12 volunteers how to do the same.


Results from that study show that gaining control of our autonomic nervous system is a trainable skill!!


…studies show that the immune system can be influenced by the consciousness in many ways, which could mean that our thoughts, beliefs and mood can affect the physical state of our body.


Knowing that, you can learn to control your thinking and thus your immune system and health.


Focus on the bright side of life, visualize yourself being happy and healthy, meditate every day, and soon you will see positive changes not only in your health but in your whole life!”


The Science Behind Consciously Controlling Your Immune System: The Mind-Body Connection


My experience so far: nothing short of incredible. Best couple of hundred bucks I have spent for many a moon, buying his course.


At age 69, I figure there are two pathways: either accept older age and the health challenges that come with it: potential slowing down and all the modern dis-eases: cancer, diabetes, heart disease and who knows what else.




“Rage, rage against the dying of the light”


I choose the latter. Wim Hof’s method seems to me to combine many modalities:


Exercise, yoga, stretching, breathing techniques, meditation, energy work, inner smile from tai chi and qigong, trauma release work and even emotional freedom.


It has elements of all those and Wim adds working with cold. He says “cold is a noble force.” I am experiencing that with daily cold showers, now up to two minutes at a time.


The awakening of vibrant energy is astonishing. What a wonderful addiction to have…being addicted to your own energy. Wowee zowiee. Such fun.


Cold showers too much for you?


Here is the discovery: We are meant to work harder as we age.


We are NOT meant to take it easy. That is the programming that modern society imposes on us. You know: work hard so you can retire and take it easy.


What crap!


With all the experience, knowledge and yes, perhaps some wisdom that we have acquired throughout our lives, we as elders owe it to ourselves to continue contributing to the wellbeing of others.


Why should we be denied one of the great treasures of life, giving and contributing?


It is an open secret that when we help others, WE are the ones who benefit more than they do!!!


Learning how to give more, contribute more and love more leads us to our own joy, happiness and salvation.


So yes, the Iceman course is hard work. But oh is it joyous. Yes yes yes.






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