Release of trauma This is what the Iceman course is doing for me. Mastery Newsletter April 27, 2016

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Release of trauma


This is what the Iceman course is doing for me. Wim Hof’s 10 week course: week 4 day 2.


We all have trauma. See David Berceli’s THE REVOLUTIONARY TRAUMA RELEASE PROCESS.


Three sets of muscles contract during trauma and stay contracted: the psoas, the iliacus and the diaphragm. Other muscles can get and stay contracted too.


This tension creates lack of nerve flow, blood flow and vital energy flow or “chi.” This tension also cuts off sensation. In other words, the pain contained in that tense muscle is so intense that the body, as a defence mechanism, cuts off the sensation of pain to the brain. This is so we don’t have to feel the pain on a moment by moment basis.


Note that the pain is still there.


Example: decades ago, I slipped on an icy concrete step in the middle of winter and landed right on my tailbone. This caused a long term tightening of the muscles surrounding the tailbone as well as the three muscle group: psoas, iliacus and diaphragm.


The yoga type exercises we are doing in week 4 are making me aware of that pain, breathing into it and helping to release it.


The Wim Hof Method is not the only system that does this. Berceli has a system. Other writers do as well. Yoga and tai chi also release these from the inside out.


It’s just that Wim’s method of breathing exercises, not to mention the cold showers, is a proven formula now for really digging in deep and releasing that trauma.


Further, Wim trains folks to get control of their nervous system. So it is more than trauma release. It is trauma release aligned with mental training. Gaining control of the mind and using it to open up hidden energy blocks in the body.


The resulting mental toughness can bring about a sense of inner calm as well as allowing energy to flow to areas of the body that have been starved of nutrients, nerve flow and blood flow.


Wim has made it a step by step process, slowly increasing the challenge level.


This is such an exciting program. Thank you Wim.





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