Trauma is Affecting Our Health and Happiness. Mastery Newsletter July 6, 2016

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Trauma is Affecting Our Health and Happiness


We are all Traumatized


Trauma can Wreck our Health


How do we get over it?


The Iceman Solution


Yogic Type Breathing May Resolve Some Trauma


Look at the research from David Berceli, author of The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process:


“Consider the fact that life begins traumatically. We come into the world through the painful process of birth—an experience where we are squeezed out of shape, pushed, and even sometimes pulled with hard, metallic instruments. It’s not a pleasant welcoming at all.

                Bursting into the light for the first time in our existence, our entry into the world is a shock to the human organism. A room filled with cold air, bright lights is a drastic change from the dark, soothing warmth we have become accustomed to in the womb. Making our debut in such a hostile atmosphere, it’s no wonder we begin life by bellowing our lungs out…


we are guaranteed to get bumps on the head, cuts, grazes…


our culture presents us with considerable psycho-emotional trauma…


When we are very young, trauma often accompanies even the most enjoyable of experiences…there’s always someone who wants the toy we are playing with…fun turns to tears, tantrums and trauma…we are threatened, yelled at, and perhaps even physically assaulted with a spanking…


When we begin school, we are likely to encounter bullying…Repeated bullying can be extremely traumatizing for a child…


As adults, we face new stresses and different sources of anxiety…a boss makes life difficult. A coworker betrays us. Or…we are let go…


Juggling career and family…can be especially anxiety-provoking…


(one report shows) that 40% of workers find their jobs to be stressful, and in many cases, extremely stressful.”



Trauma Can Wreck Your Health


As David Berceli outlines in his book, unresolved trauma can be at the root of a lot of chronic pain for which a cause has not been pinpointed.


When we are in a situation of life or death, or even a perceived situation of life or death, our system pumps up our fight or flight hormones. This is a survival mechanism. We need the adrenalin to get out of danger and save our lives.


The problem is if those fight or flight hormones are not turned off, we can be thrown off balance internally.


This is what many refer to as “being stressed out.”


Stress is recognized as being a major factor in illness. We are not meant to be in a continual state of stress. The stress hormone production turns off other systems in our bodies.


For example, digesting food is not on the radar when being chased by a saber toothed tiger. All our resources are focused on survival. The food digestion enzymes are not being produced while running. Nor are a host of other functions that deal with keeping us healthy.


If we don’t turn off the stress or fight or flight hormone production, our bodies can pay a high price.


These include “…anxiety disorder, depression, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal troubles, some cancers, and premature aging.. Stress also seems to increase the frequency and severity or migraine headaches, episodes of asthma, and fluctuation of blood sugar in diabetics.


Additionally, there is evidence that people experiencing significant psychological stress are more prone to develop colds and other infections that those who are less stressed. This is because stress reduces the efficiency of our immune system, which would normally fight off infection.”


“Gut and chest-related symptoms include irritable bowel syndrome, cramps and diarrhea, and gastro-esophageal reflux.


There is some evidence to suggest that fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome may also be connected with the freeze response…Multiple chemical sensitivity…Asthma…a stutter…premenstrual syndrome, and postpartum psychosis ca be exacerbated by trauma. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and sleep apnea can also be related to trauma.”


In fact, any condition can have trauma as a contributing factor.



The Iceman Solution


Meanwhile, the Iceman, Wim Hof, is helping many with their trauma. Here is one post in his Facebook group:


“Duncan ten Kate · Veendam, Netherlands


I am diagnosed with Autism and in november it was too unbearable for me.


I knew I had to do something so I started with the Wim Hof inspiration. Using the cold to get stronger and later I was learning the Wim Hof breathing excercise.


I can do more things now, but sometimes I can do nothing. What is wrong with me? I made a big discovery about myself.


It turns out I have a bunch of trauma’s also called Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder.

It turns out all of my Autism symptoms are actually the behaviour of trauma’s.


I met Wim Hof in November with the Ice challenge event.

I talked to him and he said:

This guy is cured from his Autism!

I knew that it was not meant seriously but more like a motivation.


Last days I felt a pain in my chest. What is wrong with me? Why I feel that broken heart of 8 years ago again?


When I was a child. I felt alone. I had no friends. I didn’t understand people. At home there where fights and we where poor. We had almost no money.


At the age of 15 I felt in Love. But she didn’t liked me. She rejected me. I felt terrible and because I had no friends to talk too and my parents had other problems it was too difficult to handle the emotions. The broken heart evolved in a PTSD!


My autism behaviour was born. For more than 8 years I feel the same broken heart. Turns out that trauma’s actually behave with Adrenaline. When they see Danger you get a stress reaction, Fight, Flight or Freeze.


When I see actractive girls I get insecure. I get the same stress reaction. Because the Adrenaline my heart and stumache get’s not enough blood. That maked me tired and I can do nothing and I feel butterflies in my stumach.


I was quiting school and never started to work. People always finded me lazy and bullying me. In simple words I had no energy because the trauma’s.


Now with the Wim Hof breathing method I am learning to control my blood circulations and the adrenaline to handle broken heart syndrome and trauma reactions.


What he said is true. This is the cure for Autism.


Of course children are born with Autism, but that only means they have another working brain!


I am not good in social things, but I am very smart and creative.


Nobody is born with a stress disorder!


Children that are less social they are bullied and left alone.


All those childrens get small trauma’s on young age because the world is built for social people or they had other bad things happened in the past.


At later age they all have the behaviour of what people see as Autism stress and that are actually trauma’s. It is blocked in there mind. They don’t know the cause, but I discovered mine because I am Stronger now.


Thanks Wim Hof this really is changing my Life.”



How much of our dis-eases, conditions are caused by trauma? If not caused, have trauma as a contributing factor?


Have a look at this Vice documentary on Wim Hof, the Iceman.



Personal note:

I was inspired to take his course. As of this writing, I am on week 8 of Wim’s 10 week course.


My energy level is improved. I would say at least double the energy.


It is a step by step process. His system builds up the immune system over time. I expect and hope to continue to increase energy. I hope to improve my health more and more as time goes on.


July 6, 2016.


Matti Anttila




Love, Laughter and Smiles.






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