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There I was a toddler in grade one. A small town school in Finland. We did not have indoor plumbing. But, we did get lunch every day.

One time we are having lunch in the classroom. It is just soup and bread. The teacher had to leave the room. She left two girls in charge of writing down anyone’s name who was misbehaving.

I was a shy young thing and just ate my soup. There was the class clown who went up to the girls and teased them. When one of them wrote his name down, he promptly erased it.

He did cause me to chortle into my soup. That was enough. My name went up on the blackboard. The class clown’s name did not stay there.

I had to stay after school for detention. The class clown got away with it.

How unfair!

This shadow lives with me today. When something unfair happens, that shadow shows up. I feel horrible. I am good at hiding it, sometimes even from myself. It is there just the same.

I can’t make the world be fair. So, all that is left is to release my reaction to the world being unfair.

This is my work. Releasing that minor trauma from my system. Until and unless I do that, those feeling stalk me.

I use Laughter Yoga, Yoga, deep breathing, cold exposure and meditation.

What is YOUR shadow? What are you doing to release it?


To Your Joy, Energy and Health,



In this issue:

You, Supercharged.

Health is the Real Wealth

What is True Freedom?









Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain. -Joseph Campbell





You, Supercharged:


Supercharged, the Movie. Looking forward to this one.

Imagine, a mind as quick as lightning, a body charged with energy. No, it’s not a fictional super hero.

It’s you. SuperCharged.

If you are like us and don’t accept that old adage, “We’re only human”, then read on.

The film explains the science and shows how the extraordinarily diverse biohackers in the cast went from Sickly Sludge to Super Charged. Yes, we’re only human, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel superhuman.

This is a movie that focuses on some of the exciting research on various aspects of science relating to energy in biological systems. The aim of the movie is to educate and entertain and ultimately challenge the current view of biology in such a way as to make people more aware of the limitations in mainstream thinking therefore giving credibility to a range of novel ways of helping people with their health.

The film covers ground-breaking science on related topics such as bio-hacking, grounding, water structure; thermogenesis, bio-magnetics and how this fits into a Quantum biology model to illustrate how these exciting areas of research are opening up new possibilities in the fields of health and human performance.

A main focus of the film looks at how this new science changes our view of human physiology and how all of life is one big interconnected energy transferring machine, the implications of which will change the way we view health, aging, peak performance and endurance.

The main thread of the film is: How do we get energy?





Health is the Real Wealth

We have a finite time here. Focus on health.




What is True Freedom?

How about freedom from dis-ease? A feeling of worth from contributing to others? Would that not qualify as freedom?




Pathways to Bliss.  Joseph Campbell



Billions. Showtime TV series.



Chemical found in red wine and chocolate helps restore defences against Alzheimer’s




From my friend Will Smith: Gardening as a political solution.

“100 years ago, everyone did this. In the 1950’s, mail order catalogues in Canada and the US (e.g. Sears) showed hundreds of different edibles which could be grown and raised even in an urban setting.


One of my friends posted this today – they buy little produce at the store.


This informs us that the requisites for life on this planet can be fulfilled without too much effort by individuals who look at the system and don’t like the way it is functioning. If you were watching the elections, you may now understand that “citizens'” voices have been silenced by people who think they know better than we do how we should live.


None of us are citizens in a free state now – we are essentially chattel of the banking system, only useful as long as we produce for our “Democracy,” which destroys us, one at a time.


At this point, fighting these bossy people is useless simply because they shoot you or incarcerate you if you won’t do what they tell you – they demand utter fealty, even to die for their cause of creating a perfect society, their way.


In the end, Leibniz and Candide were right – in this best of all possible worlds, the best thing we can do is to grow a garden. It’s time to stop voting with our brains and start voting by putting our shovels into the soil and getting in touch with Mom.”



“To Get the Most Out of Life:


Help Others Get the Most Out of Theirs.”


– Matti Anttila



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