Laughter Yoga on the Radio. Matti’s Victoria Newsletter June 8, 2016.

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Neat Stuff For My Greater Victoria Friends, Fiends And Roustabouts.


Victoria in summer. Who could ask for more?


Laughter Yoga on the Radio


CFAX had me on Joe Perkins’ noon hour  program to talk about it. Here is the broadcast. Laughter Yoga starts at 32.30 minutes:


Laughter Yoga continues through the summer. Sunday at the sundial in Beacon Hill Park 10.30am, Monday at VIHA on Fraser Street in Esquimalt 4.30pm and 5.30 pm on Wednesdays at Ingredients Community Market on Store Street across from Capital Iron.





Moss Street Market has always been a delight. And it sure is busy, whew. Beer and wine and cider now too. I like Evelyn’s meat market at the end. And the new guy who sells coconut oil…made in Victoria. Check out the music, as well.




Talking of market, Wednesdays 4-8.30pm at 2827 Belmont has the Oaklands market. Kale chocolate cookies for a good cause.



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Dan’s Farm and Country Market is unique. 2030 Bear Hill Road at Oldfield. Not too far and, while produce is not marked organic, it is not sprayed and a good price…broccoli $1.99 a pound.




If you are on Facebook, join the group Ridiculously Cheap Stuff in Victoria where members share deals around town.





“When we open to our potential, the world changes…

dramatically and for the better.”




Love, Laughter and Smiles,



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